Effective eye drops from the computer.

I can not believe that there was a time when wedid without computers. New technologies do not stand still and a modern person can not be imagined without the knowledge of working on a PC. A computer is necessary everywhere: at work, at home, and also on the road will not be superfluous a small portable laptop. The technique has to spend a lot of time. In this regard, very tired eyes. How can I help them? The solution is, it's a drop for the eyes. From the computer from time to time, you also need to be distracted and do a little physical workout.

Selection of eye drops

What to choose drops for eyes at work withcomputer? To remove fatigue, vitamin B6 is needed. It is contained in the new preparation "Rohto Z". With long-term work with computer equipment such a tool is indispensable. Eye drops relieve discomfort caused by stress, remove redness.

Drops in the eyes of fatigue are necessary for designers,programmers, system administrators, photographers and many other professionals - all those whose work is directly related to the computer. The drug "Rohto Z" has a moisturizing effect, refreshes the eyes. The drug can also be used for preventive purposes to prevent the reduction of visual acuity and infectious diseases.

Benefits of eye drops

The main features of the drugfor the eyes are: the duration of the positive effect, the presence of vitamin, the removal of inflammation, redness of the eyes and eyelids, moisturizing action, nourishment of the eye shell, toning effect, giving a feeling of coolness and freshness.

Indications for use «Rohto Z"

  1. Continuous work on the computer;

  2. Fatigue of the organs of vision;

  3. Conjunctive hyperemia;

  4. Blepharitis;

  5. Itching in the eyes;

  6. Blurred vision;

  7. Working conditions for artificial lighting.

    With slight, easy fatigue, eye drops from the computer should be used one at a time. When heavy fatigue is recommended 1-2 drops from 2 to 5 times a day.


    Do not use the drug in case ofuse of another agent for the eyes, as well as allergic reactions, severe eye pain, glaucoma. In case of skin rash, severe itching or swelling, the drug should be stopped. An overdose of the drug can cause a feeling of discomfort.

    Composition "Rohto Z"

    Remove fatigue from the organs of vision will help dropfor eyes. From the computer, fatigue and fatigue can occur. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to use effective medicines. The quality of their action depends on the components. "Rohto Z" - a preparation of the Japanese manufacturer containing all useful substances:

    Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) - Optimizes the exchange of proteins, increases visual acuity. The component has an active effect on the metabolism.

    Taurine - a substance present in various tissues of the human body. Has an anticonvulsant property, promotes the stimulation of energy processes.

    Potassium L - aspartate - improves the "breathing" of tissues, helps restore the water-electrolyte ratio. The substance has a positive effect on the biological processes of the body.

    Zinc sulfate monohydrate - A microelement that stabilizes the work of cells. Influences on generating processes, promotes acceleration of wound healing action of small damages of mucous membranes, skin.

    Aminocaproic acid Is a component that reduces inflammation and the production of plasminogen. Has hemostatic effect.

    Chlorpheniramine maleate - reduces eye irritation.

    Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride - relieves inflammation of the eye, reduces tissue edema, dilates blood vessels.

    Neostigmine methyl sulfate Is an element that affects the improvement of eye focus. When glaucoma is prescribed to reduce intraocular pressure.

    "Rohto Z" - drops for the eyes from the computer, containing all the necessary components that contribute to the normal functioning of the organs of vision.

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