Tui oil: instructions for use

Modern medicine is now on prettya high level of development, and every day more and more effective chemical preparations are being developed, new methods of treatment appear, and so on. Despite this, many specialists in this area are turning to folk remedies as alternative methods. There are many types of plants, the use of which for various diseases is very effective. For example, oil of thuja (the instruction on which application contains the whole list of illnesses at which this agent can help) has excellent healing properties. Let us consider this point in more detail.

Essential oil: the method of production

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Thuya is a plant of the Cypress family, itsalso called "white cedar". Thuii essential oil (the instruction of this tool has information that its shelf life is one year) is made from needles and cones by steam distillation. And the healing properties of this plant were known in ancient times, it was used in the treatment and meditation shamans of Indian tribes. And in Europe, the methods of obtaining tuja oils were known to monks who knew several ways of using this remedy for various diseases.

The method of obtaining is based on the physical lawDalton-Renier (principle of partial pressure). The process is carried out in an environment with the presence of water vapor in a special distillation equipment, which is a device that operates periodically. This structure includes a cube for distillation, a receiver and a condenser. As a collection, special bottles with drain tubes are used. During evaporation, a temperature close to 100 ° C must be observed.

Application of the medicinal product

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Oil of thuja (the instruction of which indicates that this ishomeopathic remedy) contains substances such as thujone (poison acting on the nervous system), tannins, tuy acid and vitamin C. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antirheumatic properties, this remedy can be used in the following diseases:

  • inflammation of the respiratory tract (bronchitis, adenoids, tonsillitis and others);
  • diseases of the pelvic organs (cystitis, ovarian inflammation, prostatitis and so on);
  • rheumatism, skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, acne and others).

tuya oil treatment

In addition, tuya oil (the instruction has data onexact doses for various diseases) are used in the manufacture of various cosmetics. Also, with a few drops of this curative substance, you can take a bath or do a massage. The aroma of oil has a soothing and health-improving effect. There is an opinion that with its constant use, memory is improved, immunity is increased, etc.

Treatment with oil of thuja dermatological diseasescan be carried out with the help of applications carried out at least 2 times per day. With chronic ailments of the nose, nasopharynx and bronchial tubes, experts advise a course that alternates between breaks. The oil is digested for 14 days, then rest at the same time and repeat procedures.

It should be noted that this remedy is toxic, and there are contraindications to its use. These are: epilepsy, pregnancy, intolerance to oil components and others.

Tui Oil (reviewed about thatthe effectiveness of this remedy) is an excellent natural medicine. Its use will allow you to get rid of many unpleasant diseases. Proper use of this healing substance will help restore strength and lost health.

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