Causes of acne.

The appearance of pimples on the face is quite unpleasantphenomenon, both for young people, and for people of more mature age. Since all the manifestations of the body have their own reasons, let us consider briefly why there appear acne on the face in a variety of places.

Pimples on the chin are most often associated withdisorders of endocrine and digestive systems. The causes of acne in this case are associated with ovarian diseases in women or an elevated level of male sex hormones, as well as with colds or various general infections, when immunity decreases.

With pathology of the gastrointestinal tract,incomplete digestion of food occurs. The resulting toxins are removed from the body through the skin and are also considered as the cause of the appearance of pimples on the chin. Acne can appear and with frequent touching the chin with dirty hands, abuse of alcohol, coffee, strong tea, with stress, lack of sleep.

Acne on the forehead appears, mainly because ofa large number of located here sweat and sebaceous glands. There is an active production of sebum, there is a greasy shine on the forehead and this is the main reason why the appearance of acne in this area. Other factors that affect the appearance of acne are diseases of the gallbladder, abnormalities in the work of the stomach and pancreas, and various areas of the intestine. Acne on the forehead poured out when there is an intoxication of the body, frequent disturbances in diet. The human body does not have time to process excess fats, to remove toxic substances, so they partially exit through the skin.

Acne in the area of ​​the lips or on the lip itselfindicate the diseases in the organs of the digestive system, beginning from the beginning of the esophagus and ending with the large intestine. Signs of such diseases can be indigestion, constipation, intestinal colic. To eliminate the causes of acne on the lips, you need to consume fruits and vegetables, exclude fat and spicy food from your diet, and avoid stress.

Acne on the nose appear due to the fact thatSome people in this place have high fat content and dilated pores. Protocols of sebaceous glands in large quantities open on the surface of the skin. The most common reasons for the appearance of acne on the nose are hormonal imbalances in adolescents and the problems of the digestive, immune or endocrine systems in adulthood. Pimples that appear on the wings and tip of the nose, indicate a deviation in the cardiovascular system. By the appearance of acne on the face can not be an accurate diagnosis, but you can determine the direction for examination. The bridge of the nose, covered with pimples, clearly signals a liver overload and poor blood purification. This can be caused by the abuse of protein products, such as milk, meat, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurts, smoked or fried foods.

Very often acne on the face appear as a resulttheir extrusion or improper skin care. When squeezing out, the skin becomes even more infected, and the pimples spread over a larger area. In addition, tissues are damaged, and often a scar is formed, so squeezing pimples is not possible. Repeated rashes occur again, the inflammatory processes are more pronounced and pass much longer. In such places next time there are several acne.

A lot of bacteria live and breed onhuman skin. When creating certain conditions, they can get out of control. To do this, they need a certain environment, for example, clogged or clogged pores. As a result of a bacterial attack, the sebaceous gland inflames, and acne or single acne occurs.

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