Ointment from fungus on legs

Today, various drugs are produced from the fungus on legs. However, each medicine has its own peculiarities in application.

In some cases it is advisable to usestrong medicines. For small lesions, according to experts, it is necessary to look for an alternative and, if possible, use a cream, spray or ointment from the fungus on the legs.

The purpose of this or that drug is not only dependent on the neglect of the disease, but also taking into account the immune status and the state of the patient's endocrine system.

The medicine from the fungus on the legs in the form of tablets orcapsules are administered orally. These drugs are called "systemic" and are considered the most effective. As practice shows, cure of the disease is observed in almost 95%. However, it should be noted and the presence of serious side effects. Such drugs negatively affect the intestines, stomach, liver. Some medications can disrupt the endocrine organs.

According to many experts, the smallestDangers represent local agents (spray, cream or ointment from the fungus on the legs). They do not have the ability to penetrate the blood. However, to get rid of the disease, such funds must be used for a long time. As a rule, ointment from the fungus on the legs is prescribed for a period of two weeks to a month with skin lesions. Getting rid of nail lesions can last several months. With severe (neglected) forms of the disease, ointment from the fungus on the legs often can not cope with the disease.

Local funds have components,killing harmful skin bacteria naturally. Antifungal medicines are able to concentrate in the skin layers more actively than fungal bacteria, thus producing their destruction. Local medicines are applied in a thin layer. The application of a thick layer does not accelerate the process of recovery. The use of antifungal agents must be combined with hygiene of the feet and keeping all personal items clean. Many medicines additionally have antiseptic effects. In some cases, the use of antifungal medicines may be accompanied by an allergic rash, itching or other side effects. When using any drug, you need to study the annotation to it. To antifungal agents of external action carry "Ketoconazole", "Nizoral", "Mikozoral", "Exodermil", "Lamizil".

To obtain the effect of treatment, an accurate diagnosis of the disease is necessary. Self-medication of these or other medications can cause complications.

The greatest problem today is naildefeat. Getting rid of them is difficult enough. Special medicines used for this purpose include a special lacquer applied to the nail surface. Ointments and creams, as a rule, do not penetrate the nail. Use special tools from the nail fungus is necessary until the full growth of a new (healthy) nail plate. Today, a lot of money is produced, and it is not difficult to find the right one. However, in any case, medical consultation is necessary.

Antifungal medicines are most effectiveon the initial phases of lesions. A feature of the means is their ability to concentrate in the tissues, thus providing the best course of treatment.

In many cases (especially when runninglesions) the effect is brought only by an integrated approach to treatment. At the same time, local preparations are combined with the means for oral administration, hygienic trays and foot massage.

It should be noted that the fungus that affects the skinand fingernails, to withdraw difficult enough. In no case should the treatment be interrupted. After the disappearance of visible lesions, local remedies should be used for at least two more weeks.

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