Medical standard: eosinophils in the blood of women, children and men (table)

What is the norm of eosinophils in the blood of women, children and men? In this article we will answer this question. Also, let's talk about what it means to increase this indicator.

Eosinophils are a sub-group of leukocytes. The function of these elements is to break down the protein that enters the body. Eosinophils are contained in the human body in small quantities, but their presence is permanent. If there is a deviation from the norm, this is an indicator that the body begins to fight with allergens. The fact is that a protein of foreign origin causes allergies.

Indicators in children

Now we will tell you about the norm for the child of these leukocytes. Eosinophils in the blood of women are present, but more about this later.

the norm of eosinophils in the blood of women

The number of eosinophils in the child's bodyvaries. Their number depends on how old the child is and what sex it is. If a blood test is performed in the laboratory, then eosinophils are designated as part of the leukocytes. As for the separate selection of this value, then, as a rule, it is not indicated.

How old is the child

The norm of eosinophils in terms of × 109 / l

The norm of eosinophils as a percentage of the number of leukocytes

The first year of a child's life


1% -6%

1-2 years


1% -7%

3-5 years


1% -6%

6-12 years old


1% -5,5%

12-18 years old


1% -5%

Older than eighteen years old


0.5% -5%

In principle, the number of these elements is not very different. In children this value is higher than in adults.

You should know that different readings are possiblethe values ​​of these elements in humans depending on the time of day. This phenomenon should be known when taking material for examination. The maximum figure is at night, and the minimum is for the morning and evening. At this time, the value of eosinophils is less by 20 percent than at other times of the day.

If these indicators are higher than permissible, then this state of the body is called eosinophilia. A decrease in the value of this indicator is called eosinopenia.


Why do the elements appear?

blood test eosinophils normal in women

  1. Typically, the cause of increased eosinophils - the presence of allergies.
  2. Another reason for the increase in this indicatorare parasites that are present in the body. For example, worms. The value of eosinophils is increased by twenty percent of the norm. Such a person's condition is called hypereosinophilia.

Significance of indicators in women

What is the norm for girls of this element? Eosinophils in the blood in women should be from 0.00 to 0.5 * 109 / L. If you take the percentage option, it will be like this - from 0.5% to 5%.

the norm of eosinophils in the blood of women is 30 years old

We already found out what kind of girls these elementsmedical standard. Eosinophils in the blood of women can increase. Why is it so? Now we'll figure it out. When the blood tests exceed the above values, the body can have such ailments as:

  1. Asthma and dermatitis.
  2. The defeat of the body with worms also affects this indicator. For example, when there is a lambliasis, ascariasis, etc.
  3. The ailments associated with the pathology of connectivetissues such as lupus erythematosus and vasculitis. For their detection, it is enough to take a blood test. Eosinophils (the norm in women is up to 5%) in this case will be increased.
  4. Long reception of antibiotics.
  5. In addition to the appearance in the body of variouspathologies, eosinophils may increase in the process of recovery. This is due to the fact that the immune system of the body is strengthening. The norm of eosinophils in the blood of women of 30 years is also 0.5% -5%.

Stages of eosinophilia

There are three stages of eosinophilia. The first is easy. Then the level of eosinophils rises no more than 10 percent. The second stage is called moderate. Here the level of increase is 10-15 percent. And the third stage is usually called pronounced. With it, the increase in the number of elements is from 15 to 20 percent. What is the norm of eosinophils in the blood of women, it was said above.

eosinophils in the blood are increased causes of the norm

To understand it is worth saying that if it goesallergic reaction, then there is a moderate stage of increase in these indicators. But when a person has asthma, the values ​​become higher. In the case when a person suffers from severe skin diseases, such as Dühring's dermatitis and pemphigus, eosinophilia will be stable or pronounced. When the body is affected by such systemic pathologies as arthritis and periarteritis, the leukocyte formula can show a very high value of eosinophils. But when infecting a patient with parasites, eosinophilia does not have a pronounced character. You should know that the level of these leukocytes in the human body indicates the severity of the disease. That is, the higher this value, the more serious pathology is present in the human body.

Norm. Eosinophils in the blood of women with a change in the hormonal cycle

Also, women in this indicator affects the hormonal background. Therefore, at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, their level is high, can reach 10 or 12 percent, and after ovulation the value comes back to normal.

Eosinopenia is observed after any injuries,stress, overstrain. Also in cases of any experiences. An interesting fact is that disturbances can be both positive and negative.

What level should men have?

You already know what value is regarded asnorm, eosinophils in the blood of women should not exceed 5%. Note that the level of these elements does not depend on the gender of the person. Therefore, in boys and boys over 18 years of age, the norm can be seen in the table that was given above. It should be noted that when a man becomes older than 50 years, the normal level of eosinophils is from 1% to 5.5%.

the norm of eosinophils in the blood of women in children and men

If a man has increased values, it means that the body can have the following pathologies:

  1. Allergic conditions of the body, such as angioedema, dermatitis, asthma, urticaria and others.
  2. The defeat of the body by parasites, for example, echinococcosis, opisthorchiasis and others.
  3. Diseases of the blood.

Eosinopenia in men

The causes of eosinopenia in the male body:

  1. Inflammation of the lungs, typhoid and other infections of this type.
  2. Sepsis, peritonitis.
  3. Any suffered injuries, body burns, cramps and chills.
  4. Fatigue, for example, lack of sleep.

If a person suffers a serious infection of an infectious type, then the complete disappearance of eosinophils from human blood is possible.

Admission of certain medicines maycause an imbalance in the presence of components in the blood. For example, corticosteroid medications provide the production of hormones by the adrenal glands. And they, in turn, suppress eosinophils in the blood of a person.

what is the norm of eosinophils in the blood of women

Decrease of the indicator

If the level of these leukocytes in the bodyhas fallen, it does not manifest in any way on the condition of man. However, the diseases that occur in the body can be manifested as follows:

  1. Weakness, lethargy, sweating, pain in the vessels indicate that the body has rheumatic pathology.
  2. Edema, enlargement of the spleen, anxiety in the liver, anemia are a sign of autoimmune diseases.
  3. If the body has worms, then the person's appetite disappears, nausea appears and lymph nodes increase.
  4. Allergies are accompanied by reddening of the skin, rashes and irritation of the eyes.


Now you know why there are eosinophils inblood is elevated (causes). The norm of indicators for children, men and women was discussed above. If you see in the blood test that eosinophils have an increased or decreased index, then this does not mean that the person is ill with something, since this value varies. Therefore, additional diagnostic methods should be used to make the diagnosis.

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