Capsules "Prajisan": instructions for use, reviews, description, analogues, price

Unfortunately, hormonal imbalance inwomen are observed quite often. And in such cases, doctors, as a rule, recommend drugs that can normalize the level of hormones. It is to this group that the "Prajisan" means. Instructions for use, indications and contraindications, side effects, price, reviews - all these issues are of interest to women. So what is this drug really?

Composition and form of the drug

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This medicine is available in the form of softgelatin capsules of light yellow color. Inside the capsule is an oily suspension of white color. The main active substance of the drug is progesterone. In the pharmacy you can buy capsules with a dose of 100 or 200 mg of this component.

Naturally, someAuxiliary substances, in particular, soy lecithin and peanut oil. The shell consists of 70% of a non-crystallized solution of sorbitol, gelatin, purified water, glycerol and titanium dioxide. Capsules are placed in blisters of ten. In one package can be 10 or 30 tablets.

In addition, this preparation is also available in the form ofSpecial vaginal gel with convenient disposable applicators. In any case, the question of how and in what form you will take the medicine is decided by the attending physician.

Basic pharmacological properties

The main active substance is progesterone- the hormone of the yellow body, which performs a lot of important functions. In particular, it provides the transition of the uterine mucosa from the proliferation phase to the secretory phase. After fertilization, the hormone provides the conditions for the normal development of the embryo, and also reduces the contractility of the muscles of the uterus and fallopian tubes, stimulates the development of the breast.

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This substance also ensures the normal development of the endometrium, increases subcutaneous fat stores, increases the level of glucose utilization, promotes the accumulation of glycogen in the liver tissues.

After taking the drug is well absorbed by the wallsthe digestive tract. The maximum concentration in the blood is observed after 1 to 3 hours. The metabolic processes occur in the liver, after which the metabolites formed are almost completely excreted along with the urine.

When vaginal administration of the drug, progesterone is also rapidly adsorbed and partially accumulated in the tissues of the uterus.

Indications for use

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In what cases is it appropriate to takemedicinal product "Prajisan". The instruction indicates that the drug is widely used for the treatment of secondary amenorrhea, as well as various dysfunctional uterine bleeding that occurred against a background of progesterone deficiency. In addition, it is used to treat infertility, developed against the background of luteal insufficiency.

This is not all cases in which doctorsprescribe the medicine "Prajisan". Its use is quite common and with substitution therapy against the background of menopause. Naturally, in this case it is used together with other hormonal drugs.

Preparation "Prajisan": instructions for use

Dosage, schedule and duration of therapydetermines only the attending physician - doing it yourself is absolutely categorically contraindicated. With progesterone deficiency, as a rule, a daily dose of 200-300 mg is prescribed, which must be divided into two doses. If the luteal phase is insufficient, the maximum daily dose is 400 mg of progesterone. The duration of therapy for a similar problem is 10 days.

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By the way, you can take capsules not onlyorally. Sometimes doctors recommend using "Prajisan" vaginally, to immerse the capsule deep into the vagina. A similar procedure is shown with an absolute deficit of progesterone, as well as to support the luteal phase and in preparation for in vitro fertilization.

Can I use the drug during pregnancy?

Quite often, women ask the question whetherwhether to take the drug "Prajisan" during pregnancy. According to the instruction, this period of a woman's life is not a contraindication to therapy. Moreover, in some cases, its use is necessary. Indeed, a decrease in the level of progesterone in the body in the early stages of fetal development can lead to the termination of pregnancy. This medicine can help to avoid such a complication.

But it is worthwhile to understand that only a doctor has the right to prescribe the medication "Prajisan" during pregnancy. The specialist will also determine the most effective and safe dose of the drug.

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By the way, preparations containing progesterone are often prescribed to women even during pregnancy planning.

Contraindications to admission

Can all categories of patients be usedthe preparation of Prajisan? The instruction indicates that there are contraindications in this case, therefore, before starting therapy, be sure to check out their list.

To begin with it is necessary to say that the medicine is notprescribe to patients who have an increased sensitivity to any of its constituent components. Contraindications also include vaginal bleeding of unclear etiology, as well as malignant neoplasms of the reproductive system or mammary glands. The drug is not prescribed in the presence of porphyria, acute thrombosis, thrombophlebitis and thromboembolism. Incomplete abortion is also a contraindication.

Severe violations of the liver, including hepatitis, cholestatic jaundice, hepatic-cell carcinoma, can also become complicated with hormones.

There is also a number of conditional contraindications, withwhose therapy is only possible under the close supervision of a physician. They include depression, bronchial asthma, chronic kidney failure, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, migraine, arterial hypertension, cardiovascular disease, hyperlipoproteinemia.

Side effects

Many patients are interested in questions about how,whether there are any complications when taking Prajisan. The instruction confirms that there is a possibility of occurrence of adverse reactions. For example, after the first dose, some patients experience drowsiness, sometimes nausea, dizziness. Typically, such violations occur on their own or after a reduction in the dose of the drug. In addition, against the background of therapy, some women noted a violation of the usual menstrual cycle, as well as tension and some soreness of the mammary glands.

Sometimes tablets "Prajisan" cause an allergic reaction, which is most often manifested in the form of skin rashes and redness. Less frequent swelling, hives, severe itching.

To more serious side effects carryconstant fatigue, severe headaches, as well as fluid retention, extremely rarely - jaundice. When the drug is administered vaginally, irritation of the vaginal mucosa, the appearance of intermenstrual bleeding, as well as abdominal pain may be excluded.

Is overdose possible?

In fact, an overdose of this medicineis extremely rare, since progesterone is a natural substance for the female body. In some patients, when taking too large doses, there is a strong drowsiness, dizziness, irregularity of the menstrual cycle. If you suspect an overdose, you should seek medical help. Sometimes, to eliminate all the inconvenience, it is enough to reduce the dose or change the way of reception (often doctors transfer patients from oral to vaginal).

Are there any analogues of the drug?

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For one reason or another, not all womenthis medicine is suitable. So what can replace the drug "Prajisan". Candles or vaginal capsules "Urozhestan" have practically the same composition and properties. Quite good analogs are such means as Progesteron, Krainon, Iprozhin. The main active substance of each of these drugs is the same progesterone. In addition, these agents are also available in the form of tablets, gels, capsules, vaginal suppositories, etc.

How much is the drug?

Many women are interested in the question,how much is the preparation of "Prajisan". The price will depend on many factors. For example, the cost will vary depending on the city of residence, the manufacturer, the price policy of the pharmacy, the dosage and the form of release of the drug.

So how much does the Prajisan capsule cost? The price of packing of 30 tablets with a dosage of 100 mg of active substance ranges from 280 to 350 rubles. 10 tablets with a dosage of 200 mg will cost about 250-300 rubles. A tube of vaginal gel costs about 200-250 rubles.

Reviews of patients and doctors

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Of course, many women are interested in reviewsspecialists and those patients who have already been treated. In fact, doctors are very supportive about this drug. It really helps to eliminate a lot of problems, including infertility and spontaneous termination of pregnancy. In addition, there are not too many contraindications. Most women were also satisfied with the results of the treatment. The drug rarely causes any side effects, and there are not too many contraindications to therapy. And its undeniable advantage is the relatively affordable cost that everyone can afford.

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