Sanatorium "Spring", Truskavets: description, features, services and reviews

In Western Ukraine in Truskavets there are amazing medical resorts that earned the trust of visitors coming not only from all Ukrainian cities but also from many other countries.

Sanatorium "Spring" (Truskavets) isa modern natural health resort. About that, what restoration of an organism is carried out thanks to sets of medical procedures given in this complex, everyone who has already had a rest does not cease to tell to the friends and relatives.

Natural complex of health-improving care

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Truskavets is a city in the western partUkraine (Lviv region), located near the border with Poland. It is famous for its mineral springs, which made it one of the most popular resorts in Ukraine. The city is located in a picturesque small valley in the foothills of the Carpathians, and it can be easily reached from Lvov by bus or train. The vast majority of tourists who come to Truskavets, go from Ukrainian or Russian cities.

Programs that prepare Sanatorium "Spring" (Truskavets) for its guests, are fundamentally different from the options presented by traditional methods of how to treat violations of work:

  • stomach;
  • intestines;
  • kidney;
  • pancreas.

We select therapeutic measures with the help of specialists

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The composition of mineral water, which is rich interritory, demonstrates unique healing properties, expressed healing and anti-inflammatory effects, it is important in the treatment of severe disease stages. It also guarantees:

  • activation of blood circulation;
  • normalization of the volume of fluid in the space between cells;
  • elimination of edema;
  • resumption of normal functioning of the digestive system;
  • detoxification of the body;
  • stimulation of cellular regeneration.

Despite the fact that the sanatorium "Spring" (Truskavets)prices for rest and treatment are very democratic, consultation and restoring the health of each guest will be handled only by highly qualified doctors.

Quality medicine - a reliable guarantor of your health

health resort spring truskavets prices

Mineral-rich waters of this regionUkraine allows you to achieve that often a rest is quickly treated effectively, without resorting to surgery and the need for a long hospital regime.

Despite the fact that such a medical holiday is very popular and in demand, you can find low prices for it, and the opportunity to book tours to Truskavets (sanatorium "Viasna") online.

Wellness is also provided by the beneficial properties of mineral water, which offers a sanatorium "Spring". Truskavets (prices, reviews, phone numbers you can find below) is waiting for you and guarantees:

  • an unforgettable vacation;
  • health improvement;
  • increasing the tone of the body as a whole;
  • vivid impressions;
  • desire to share a recipe for a good holiday with people who are dear to you.

On this holiday guests share exclusively positive feedback, built on the advantages of modern programs and the professionalism of specialists.

On such integrated programs thatprovides a sanatorium "Spring" (Truskavets), reviews from guests are always particularly enthusiastic, inherent in a long therapeutic effect, which characterizes most often expensive consultations and procedures.

Choose a scientific analysis of your health

health resort spring in Truskavets

Also, there is an opportunity to order cheap variants of wellness treatment complexes.

It is the health resort "Vesna" (Truskavets), the best priceson treatment provides (from 519 to 1980 UAH, or 1300 to 5000 rubles). In the case when adults (at least one adult must be present) will have a rest and a child under the age of 6, then reside (an additional place in this situation is not provided) and the baby will be fed for free. Holidaymakers will also be provided with:

  • high-level service;
  • maximum comfort;
  • recovery.

Unique properties of the natural sources of western Ukraine have turned the rest here into one of the most popular modern ways of improving health in our country and beyond.

If you need to undergo a course of treatment of diseasesdigestive system of varying complexity, you will be able without the waste of a large amount of money to pick up and order online cheap options for necessary examinations, diagnostics and medical consultations. They will be focused on the organization of providing you with the services of highly qualified doctors with the achievement of the most positive result at the end of the visit to the sanatorium "Spring" (Truskavets). Phones of the organization: +38 (044) 461-94-84, +38 (093) 232-15-55, +38 (098) 352-15-55, +38 (066) 572-15-55.

The ability to choose a vacation that solves many health problems

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This health complex, thanks to the use of the latest scientific developments, is able to provide high-quality services:

  • diagnostics;
  • consultations;
  • surveys;
  • therapeutic measures;
  • rehabilitation procedures.

Sanatorium "Spring" (Truskavets) will provideadditional opportunities, in addition to traditional courses of treatment to restore the normal state, for example, the skin, within the framework of medical spa centers present on its territory. Proper use of the recommendations of experts from local centers engaged in climate therapy, guarantees you an improvement in skin condition, despite the extent of your disease.

Even if you expect to spend smallmoney, you can still choose from a large number of options for services, services, room comfort. Each of the provided health programs can facilitate the resolution of issues related to the treatment of many diseases and the elimination of various problems.

Located in the territory of this sanatorium, one of the best medical complexes in Western Ukraine is equipped with the most modern medical equipment of the world's leading manufacturers.

The components of this multifunctional medical complex are:

  • the diagnostic center;
  • balneary;
  • SPA-center.

Wellness benefits

You can easily find out and comparethe advantages of such treatment, which guarantees the sanatorium "Spring" (Truskavets), and the cost of it. To clarify the tariffs and apply, you will need to call consultants who will answer all questions.

The patient is always under observationspecialists during their stay in a medical institution within the framework provided for by the therapeutic course. If the results are not as intensive as indicated in the treatment, after the analysis, the doctor immediately makes corrections and adjustments to the program.

The moderate prices of this holiday will allow you to calculate the cost of the set of types of necessary activities that you want to receive.

Among a large number of offers you can pick up cheap services that give an amazing effect.

High level of comfort

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Cleansing of the digestive system(especially in cases where people are concerned about chronic gastritis with decreased secretion and chronic colitis) is performed using silver-ionized broths and herbal infusions. Holidaymakers can use the sauna, order an automatic hydrocolonotherapy service. For the skin of the whole body, douches using mineral waters will be especially useful. Are not inferior in terms of popularity and effectiveness to the above procedures: hydromassage, massage for gums, performed by a hydrolaser, using mineral waters.

The mineral water "Yusia" used for many procedures is a true source of beauty. The natural content in it of glycerin rejuvenates the skin, and makes it extremely smooth and supple.

The full course of treatment in this sanatorium includes moreone unique method - ozocerite therapy. The only ozocerite deposit in the world is just 4 km from Truskavets in the city of Borislav. Ozokerite has an antiseptic and analgesic effect and improves blood circulation.

Professionalism above all

You will also have an opportunity to clarify, from whatwill determine the real value of this type of recreation. You can choose the option of organizing a holiday in the price range you need. At the same time, the professionalism of doctors and the level of medicine will invariably meet high standards.

Your expenses will also depend on the level of comfort and the degree of spaciousness of the room.

Order this trip is easy and convenient

Truskavets health resort spring tours

Sanatorium "Spring" in Truskavets offers itsguests an ideal combination of unique natural factors, geographical location and uniqueness of the climate, which helps in achieving high therapeutic results.

Even inexpensive activities in Truskavets will help you restore health and get service at affordable rates.

After treatment in western Ukraine, your feedback will be filled with suggestions to choose such a holiday for all your friends, and it will cost them inexpensively.

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