Find out what to do with the first signs of a cold. Medications for the first signs of a cold for children and adults

Not everyone knows about what should be done at the first sign of a cold. We decided to devote this article to this topic.

at the first sign of a cold

Some statistics

As medical practice shows, coldsmost often children are exposed, as well as adults with weakened immunity. In addition, the disease begins to be especially worried especially in the autumn-winter season, when the weather changes dramatically from warm to cold and the body and does not have time to restructure. Though there are also such cases when the diagnosis of ARI is put by the doctor and in the summer.

So what should you do with the first signs of a cold? We will talk about this below.

What threatens a cold?

If you feel chills, weakness, and otherssigns of a cold, then you should immediately prick up your ears. After all, if you do not stop such a disease on time, then, very likely, very soon you will observe not a slightly elevated body temperature, but more serious symptoms that arose against such complications as otitis, pneumonia or bronchitis.

Symptoms of a cold

Symptoms of such a disease are known to almost everyone. This is the ache in the muscles and joints, and the runny nose, and a strong cough, and sore throat, etc. It should be noted that the common cold can arise due to completely different viruses that change regularly. In connection with this, a vaccine has not yet been invented that can quickly and effectively rid the person of this scourge. But doctors still know how to treat the first signs of a cold with the help of various medications. It is about them that will be discussed in the next section.

the first signs of a cold that do

We get rid of the cold with the help of medical devices

Medications at the first sign of a coldare released in pharmacy chains without a doctor's prescription. However, it is recommended that they be purchased only after visiting the doctor. After all, improperly selected treatment can worsen the patient's uneasy condition.

Currently, there are quite a fewmedicines from this, it would seem, non-dangerous disease. As you know, they are called drugs of symptomatic action. Quite often they are recommended to use at the first sign of a cold. After all, these drugs successfully and quickly eliminate all the existing symptoms, namely: high fever, weakness in the body, nasal congestion and swelling. If your body has enough strength for further independent struggle with the virus, then these symptoms will not come back to you after the medication stops. If your immunity is too weak, then you will need to take the medication more than once. But, as it was said above, it should be done only under the supervision of a doctor.

List of funds designed to prevent colds

remedy for the first signs of a cold

The first signs of a cold are what to take? To the medicines that are able to quickly get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, you can include the following:

  • "Coldrex";
  • "Fervex";
  • "Teraflu."

As a rule, these funds are used either inform of tablets, or as a hot drink. The safest of these drugs can be considered "Ferveks". After all, he has much less contraindications than the rest. It is allowed to use people suffering from diabetes, hypertensive patients and even children after 7 years.

The drug "Koldreks" is softer, inconnection with what it is recommended to use only when the patient's condition is not too heavy. By the way, the basis of this drug is "Paracetamol." That is why this drug is especially effective at elevated body temperature.

As for Teraflu, it is desirable to take this medication only with strong manifestations of the viral disease. Children at the first sign of colds give it is highly discouraged.

Buying medicines to preventcatarrhal diseases, it should be remembered that not all medicines can cope with inflammatory phenomena. In fact they only for some time eliminate signs, but in any way do not treat illness.

A folk remedy at the first sign of a cold

how to treat the first signs of a cold

Viral disease never goes away quickly. In this regard, do not expect a miracle from medications. Moreover, some supporters of alternative medicine argue that pharmacies should not be taken at all at the first sign of a cold. After all, today there is a huge number of various prescriptions of folk remedies that do not contain artificial chemical compounds.

So, what actions should be taken to prevent the disease from "flaming up" in full force?

Bed rest

The first signs of a cold are what to do? To begin with, you need to forget about work, study and other household problems and arrange a rest for yourself. However, it should be organized correctly. To do this, it is necessary to ventilate the room, change into dry and warm clothes, and then lie down in bed and hide behind a thick blanket. If the room is cold, you can turn on the heater.


To prevent pathogens from attackingthe whole body, it should help to clear itself of already existing microbes. It is recommended to drink more warm liquid for this. If the patient has a stuffy nose and a throat, it is advisable to use a baking soda solution for regular rinses of the nasopharynx (1 dessert spoonful of food per 1 cup of warm boiled water). In addition, it is necessary to use more antimicrobial products (onions, garlic, lemon, ginger, etc.).

the first signs of a cold that take

Enhancement of the immune system

As you know, the cold attacks only those people,in which immunity is weakened. To restore it, you need to consume more vitamins. Someone gives their preference to the pharmaceutical drops, we recommend every hour to drink a cup of hot tea with honey, ginger or lemon. As a variant, it is allowed to use decoctions of such herbs and fruits as oregano, St. John's wort, viburnum or rose hips. These ingredients will satiate your body with the necessary amount of vitamin C, and you will immediately feel relieved.

Inhalation measures and thermal procedures

The first signs of a cold are what to do? Especially if you have a sore throat? With seasonal viral diseases, the patient often complains that his tonsils are swollen and sore. To facilitate the patient's condition and relieve him of unpleasant symptoms, you should perform inhalation procedures 2-3 times a day. To do this, you can use broth oregano or some other solutions.

drugs at the first sign of a cold
In the event that you feel a strong chill andaches in the joints, you are advised to warm up with the help of foot hot tubs. After such a procedure, the feet should be wiped dry and wear warm socks. By the way, you can keep warm with alcoholic tinctures, which must be added to hot tea or a decoction in the amount of a couple of dessert spoons. However, this method should not be used to treat a sick child.

Observing all the above requirements to eliminate the first signs of a cold, you must win it in the shortest possible time.

Prevention of colds

Surely many people know the wisdom ofthat the disease is easier to prevent than treat. And, really, that in the autumn-winter season not to get sick, but to enjoy the new period of the year, it is necessary to strictly follow a few simple rules. Let us consider them in more detail.

  • Reception of vitamins. Each pharmacy sells vitamin complexes that will help you maintain immunity at the proper level and prevent the proliferation of viral bacteria. It should be specially noted that the most is to consume vitamin C. Its daily norm for an adult is about 60 mg. By the way, if you do not trust pharmacy products, you can get such a substance through the use of citrus fruits: oranges, tangerines, lemons, etc.
    Children with the first signs of a cold
  • Reception of natural phytoncides. These substances effectively and quickly destroy bacteria. Products that contain phytoncides include: honey, garlic, onions, cloves and cinnamon.

Among other things, in the autumn-winter seasonshould avoid a large crowd of people. After all, if there are too many people in this or that room, then there is a high probability that among them there will be at least one among them that will spread the pathogenic bacteria. If such clusters are unavoidable for you, then it is better to use a mask.

One can not ignore the fact thatToday, vaccines against influenza are very popular. If you have a desire, then for the prevention of a viral disease, you can also use vaccination.

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