Dog's fat in tuberculosis and bronchitis

The Internet often raises questions aboutThe benefits of this or folk remedy in the treatment of many diseases. In winter, for example, inquiries on the topic of cough and sore throat are more active than ever. Many recommend warm milk with butter or honey, tea with butter, but some also learn that the most effective folk remedy for these ailments is a plate of ordinary chocolate. Tasty and healthy. These are the light problems with which our body meets, and what is worth using when the health is shattered more, for example, by such a disease as tuberculosis?

It is common to fight this diseaseantibiotics and various vitamin complexes that contribute to the improvement of immunity, which, in turn, fights the spread of the tubercle bacillus. Unfortunately, over the years many people have time to adapt to the majority of modern antibiotics and their use is not beneficial - the treatment becomes useless. In such cases, people often turn to folk medicine. To treat tuberculosis many recommend all sorts of tinctures on aloe vera and use also canine fat.

History of the use of fats as medicinesbegins (officially) since the fifth century. Then Hippocrates pointed out that the fight against tuberculosis is best managed with the use of the perineal fat of the sheep. Today, of a considerable amount of fats, only bear, pork, badger and canine fat have curative properties.

For more than one century in folk medicineuse dog fat for tuberculosis. The unique chemical composition of this fat has no analogues in the world. Tuberculosis bacilli is bactericidal due to biologically active substances, which contains canine fat, thereby destroying bacteria. Use the drug you need one tablespoon for half an hour before eating. In case the fat does not have a liquid consistency, it must be heated in a water bath.

Canine fat is also endowed with a high contentfatty oils, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Fat contains mineral substances, nucleic acids and a considerable complex of proteins. This product is also an excellent source of provitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin E.

This "people's physician" has a beneficialinfluence on the lungs, bronchi upper respiratory tract, which also makes use of canine fat in bronchitis and laryngitis. In addition, dog fat is an excellent disinfectant and wound-healing agent. Local application accelerates the healing of the skin after trauma or illness. A powerful healing effect makes dog fat one of the best restoring agents for the skin, affected by such diseases as psoriasis, fox disease and leprosy. Fat is used to combat pain in the muscles, bones (aches). This ointment greatly facilitates the aches in the joints, which is often associated with a change in weather conditions.

In addition to all of the above, canine fat is available at an affordable price and a long shelf life. This "medicine" can maintain its properties for 18 months.

Unlike many other means of the people'smedicine, dog oil does not have contraindications. Regardless of age and sensitivity to drugs, it can be treated with fat or used as a preventive medicine. The effectiveness of this method (use of canine fat in bronchitis and tuberculosis) has been proved by many generations of our ancestors. If it is recommended to use canine fat in tuberculosis, since it is able to fight even bacteria of tuberculosis, one can only imagine how such a medicine is able to cope with other, more common diseases.

Take care of yourself and be well!

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