Allergies To Skin - Causes And Symptoms

No one is immune to an allergy. In the modern world, too many chemicals that can cause it. And in the event that there is no allergy to pollen or strawberries, it is likely that it can occur on any complex chemical element. Allergic reactions are manifested when a certain substance penetrates into the body, which causes a negative reaction. Allergies vary in food, respiratory and contact. Contact allergy often occurs when the skin comes into contact with the substance that causes the reaction. An allergy to the skin is a lot of trouble. After all, even the slightest manifestations of it are noticeable and it is the skin (for example, on the hands) that constantly comes into contact with irritating substances.

Allergy to the skin usually manifests itself over the course of48 hours after contact with the allergen. Therefore, if you have the following symptoms, you need to check all the substances with which you have come in contact over the past two days:

- the skin begins to itch, itch, and no funds can help you with this;

- Allergic skin rashes in the form of many small pimples or dots;

- the place of contact with the allergen swells, but it does not hurt;

- there is an erythema - such an allergy on a skin at which there are red spots of enough bright color;

- the skin is covered with blisters filled with liquid - at first they look like small pimples, but then they start to itch;

- On the affected area of ​​the skin when combing or prolonged rubbing, an unpleasant liquid is released on the material.

What substances in contact most often provoke such a reaction?

In modern cosmetology, a hugethe number of different preservatives, dyes, other chemical components, the use of which can cause allergy to the skin. These are various creams, detergents, dentistry products, etc. Especially dangerous in this sense is decorative cosmetics. If the manufacturers of hygienic cosmetics can do without hazardous ingredients for allergies, then they are always present in decorative cosmetics.

Very strong preservatives are contained not only incosmetic products, but also in paper, textiles, paints, varnishes, cleaning products. For example, if the skin is constantly in contact with such a tissue, redness may appear when you wear it, and if you do not understand the reason for its appearance in time, the reaction may intensify.

There is also an allergy to somemetals. This is dangerous because they are contained in some cosmetics - antiperspirants, hair dyes. Many manufacturers of these products have already abandoned their use, so choosing a hypoallergenic product is not difficult. Allergy and nickel. It is often included in the composition of alloys, from which the hardware is made - iron buttons, zippers.

A strong allergen is very commonnow latex rubber. It is dangerous because at present a lot of products are produced from it, which directly contact the skin. These are gloves, condoms, various medical devices. If the latex has an allergy, they will have to be abandoned.

Allergic skin rashes are a symptomnot only contact allergies, but also its other types. They appear in people prone to it with bites of some insects, when eating provocative foods.

When there is such a reaction, as an allergy toskin, act immediately. If you start this process, then the skin will have to be treated for a long time. Usually it is not difficult to determine which product an allergy has developed. It is more difficult to find out what exactly caused the reaction in its composition. Tests for allergy are not always effective, sometimes you have to manage on your own. For example, in an allergy to antiperspirant, cobalt is most often to blame. If you pay attention to it in time, it will be enough just to select the product that does not contain this metal next time. This approach very often helps to avoid unpleasant consequences.

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