Sanatoriums in Alupka: rest, treatment, reviews

The southern coast of the Crimea is known to everyone as a uniqueResort, the climate of which is favorable for the health of holidaymakers. Healing properties of Crimean air, soaked in iodine, juniper and needles, have long been proven by scientists.

Alupka is a resort town not far from Yalta,which is located at the foot of the highest peak of the Crimean mountains - Ai-Petri. From the north, mountains protect this amazing resort from cold winds, so it is the warmest on the entire southern coast.

Sanatoriums of Alupka: rest and treatment

Picturesque landscapes, clear Black Sea,evergreen cypresses, air soaked in needles, a healing microclimate - all combine in the unique resort of Alupka. Sanatoriums of Alupka can offer their guests rest in this incomparably beautiful place on the shore of the turquoise sea with health benefits, and this is just the basic needs of all holidaymakers.

Health resorts of Alupka

Over a hundred years ago, doctors discovered significantmedicinal properties of the Southern coast of Crimea. During the Soviet era sanatoriums were built here, the profile of which was the treatment of respiratory diseases, diseases of the nervous system, cardiovascular problems.

In addition to treating various diseases, this resort can offer tourists a great vacation.

For lovers of travel, the Alupka sanatorium will be offered a huge choice of excursion routes.

In Alupka is the pearl of the South Coast of Crimea- Vorontsovsky Palace and a magnificent park, located around it. In this wonderful place you can walk for hours, enjoying the beauty of nature, listening to the chirping of birds and breathing curative air saturated with the aroma of needles and junipers.

Sanatorium "Yuzhnoberezhny": profile, reviews of holidaymakers

All year round for family rest and successfultreatment of tourists takes "South Coast" (sanatorium). Alupka is the center of climatotherapy. The health resort specializes in the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Sanatorium "Yuzhnoberezhny" is located not far fromcenter of the city, three hundred meters from the beach. Olive relic grove, located near the sanatorium, further strengthens the already curative properties of the Crimean air. The sanatorium all year round accepts holidaymakers of all ages.

South Coast sanatorium Alupka

Despite all the beauty and uniqueness of nature andclimate Alupka, reviews about the sanatorium lately are not the best. All holidaymakers note the neglect of rooms, rest rooms, old furniture and bed-clothes, stale repairs and poor food.

Beautiful territory and proximity to the beach isthe main positive characteristics of this sanatorium. The therapeutic base of this resort complex of many patients suits and leaves positive impressions.

In the case of reconstruction, the sanatorium will undoubtedly be transformed, since all the data for this is given by the amazing nature of the Crimea.

Sanatorium "Sunny": profile, reviews of tourists

Next to the Vorontsov park in the building of the ancientbuilt in four hundred meters from the sea is buried in the greenery of the sanatorium "Sunny". Alupka in this sanatorium appears before tourists in the pre-revolutionary style, as all buildings of the health resort are unique monuments of architecture.

Profile of the sanatorium - treatment of respiratory diseases, tuberculosis diseases, elimination of urological diseases and admission of patients with neurological problems.

Sanatorium Sunny Alupka

The sanatorium is intended for budgetary rest. Comfort in the rooms is minimal, mostly on the floor.

Reviews about the sanatorium are quite good. All holidaymakers celebrate the magnificent territory, good medical base, quite tasty food. Distance from the beach does not cause any inconvenience, as the road goes through a shady park. To reach the dining room, vacationers have to overcome a bunch of steps, but many see positive things in it. In general, rest and treatment in the sanatorium are arranged by the guests.

Sanatoriums Alupki - a wonderful holiday and quality treatment, primarily due to the local climate and natural conditions.

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