"Dichloroacetate sodium": composition, reviews and instructions for use

Thanks to scientists from the University of Alberta inCanada has invented a drug that overcomes a cancerous tumor. It can only be overcome by activation of mitochondria, which were suppressed by the disease. The invented drug "sodium dichloroacetate", according to scientists, copes with this task and struggles with many types of cancer.

sodium dichloroacetate

Special effectiveness of the medication is noted infight against lung cancer, brain and chest. Back in the 30s of the XX century, scientists came to the conclusion that functional disorders of mitochondria of cells lead to the appearance of cancer tumors. Mitochondria are the most important organelles of a living cell, and until recently scientists believed that their destruction is not the cause of cancer, but the result. Therefore, since 2005, Michelakis, who doubted this hypothesis, began testing work on sodium dichloroacetate molecules.

Laboratory study of the drug

Laboratory tests and tests on animalsshowed that the drug "sodium dichloroacetate" is an activator of the mitochondrial enzyme, which is suppressed because of the ailments that arise, regardless of the type of cancer. Reduction of cancer cells is achieved due to the normalization of the functions of the organelles. The drug is significantly different from chemotherapy in that it is not toxic and does not act depressingly on the healthy cells of the patient.

Professor Michelakis notes thatthe multidisciplinary nature of the substance contained in the preparation makes it possible to fight most forms of cancer, with the exception of sarcomas. The medicine has an effect on oncological formations, which can not be influenced by other drugs. The substance of the drug does not belong to any of the existing pharmaceutical companies, so the drug does not have a patent. This significantly affects its affordability.

Laboratory experiments have shown that the drug, while exerting a destructive effect on the cells of a malignant tumor, does not affect the healthy parts of the body.

When do I start taking the drug?

It is very important in the treatment of cancer"Dichloroacetate sodium" is taken when the condition of the body is still satisfactory. Do not wait for several courses of chemotherapy, which have significant destruction. In addition, cancer cells have the ability to develop immunity to chemistry. This has long been noticed by physicians. The first few courses of chemotherapy do have a positive effect on the course of the disease, the subsequent, on the contrary, ineffective. Therefore, the drug should be started as early as possible, even in conjunction with chemistry courses. But the dosage should not be more than 15 mg per 1 kg of weight.

 sodium dichloroacetate

The drug "sodium dichloroacetate": composition

The composition of the drug is the sodium salt of dichloroacetic acid. Salt is in the preparation in the form of monohydrate, ie about 12% - crystallized water.

Scientists are currently exploring ways to reduce the toxicity of the drug in question and its effectiveness in fighting cancer.

Reception of the drug

sodium dichloroacetate as taken

It is necessary to know if you decide to purchasethe drug "sodium dichloroacetate". How to take the drug to help the sick body, scientists have already determined. At the rate of 1 kg of weight - for 25-50 mg throughout the day. The use of the drug for two years at 50 mg can cause peripheral neuropathy, so the dose of taking the drug was reduced to 25 mg, which contributed to the cessation of unpleasant phenomena.

If the drug at a dosage of 25 mg per kg of body weightindigestion, numbness in the fingers, difficulty breathing (also can cause depression, tremor, dizziness, drowsiness, frequent urination, anxiety), the dose should be reduced to 10 mg per 1 kg of body weight. Sometimes it is recommended to stop taking it for a few days. Then again it is necessary to return to the previous dosage - 25 mg per 1 kg of weight per day. Cases of the use of citric acid, which had a decrease in the phenomena of peripheral neuropathy after taking the drug "sodium dichloroacetate", were noted. Instruction for use notes the need to dilute the drug in question with water (100-150 ml). This is not difficult to do, since the drug has a powdery form. You should try to avoid getting the product on your skin - it can cause irritation.

Application of the drug for lysis of tumors

The drug may cause malignant lysistumors in acute lymphatic leukemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, acute myelocytic leukemia, breast cancer, cell carcinoma, chronic lymphatic leukemia, testicular cancer, cell carcinoma, medulloblastoma.

The lysis of a malignant tumor is called veryRapid apoptosis of cancer cells (programmed death), accompanied by a sharp deterioration in well-being (in exceptional cases can cause death). In such cases, you should immediately stop taking the medication and consult your doctor. In a few days, it may be allowed to resume the use of the drug, while lowering the dose.

Data on the drug incompatibility of the drug "Dichloroacetate sodium" with other drugs is not due to its novelty (the exception is the drug "Lasix").

Application simultaneously with caffeinated tea varieties, high doses of vitamin B1, combination with citric acid, coenzyme Q and alpha-lipoic acid adds efficacy to the drug.

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Effectiveness of the drug

The effectiveness of the drug "sodium dichloroacetate"depends on some factors. The poor condition of the patient significantly reduces its therapeutic properties. For example, when his vital organs are affected due to illness, or destruction occurred under the influence of chemotherapy. Also, do not recommend the use of the drug, if the patient does not get up, constantly experiencing pain, taking drugs.

Reduces the effectiveness of the drug and severe damage to the liver disease. When it can not cope with dead cancer cells and decay products falling into the blood, the situation becomes more complicated.

At a low dosage, the effectiveness of the drugLow, with a large dose the result becomes more noticeable. But there are some risk factors. With a large dosage, it may happen that the liver can not cope with the products of the tumor disintegration. This will cause an intoxication of the body, the appearance of nausea and vomiting. Therefore, the dosage should be selected correctly.

 sodium dichloroacetate reviews

Where to buy?

What to do if someone needs to purchasethe drug "sodium dichloroacetate"? Where can I buy? The medicine in question is being produced in Canada, so you can order it using online resources from manufacturers. Also, there is an opportunity to purchase the drug from sellers in Russia, buying it in Canada. The price of a medication is not high, so patients who belong to different social strata can afford it.

Reviews about the drug

The positive effect of the drug"Dichloroacetate sodium," which is confirmed by his testimonies, can be traced in many cancer patients. The drug was used simultaneously with a course of chemotherapy, and with other medications, which did not reduce its effectiveness.

sodium dichloroacetate what is it
Some doctors did not believe in the recovery of their patients. They were surprised when the patients were recovering. Many people note the absence of side effects when taking the drug.

There are very few negative reviews. All of them point to the ineffectiveness of the drug "sodium dichloroacetate". What is it? It is known that some patients did not help the drug to get rid of the disease. Some people noted the occurrence of a relapse of the disease.

How to verify the authenticity of the drug

The authenticity of the drug "sodium dichloroacetate"indicate some factors: it consists of white crystals, bitter in taste. If the color of the crystals is yellowish, the medication is of poor quality, and it is not recommended to apply it. When dissolving the drug in water, it should not lose its bitter taste. If the powder diluted to the gruel is periodically applied to the skin of the forearm or the inner surface of the shoulder with an interval of 1 minute for 10 minutes, then after a while a spot is discreetly visible with a fringing. And after 5-10 hours this spot will become more red and clear. A few days later, the skin may begin to peel on this place.

sodium dichloroacetate composition
This method of verification is recommended for use inthe extreme case: when adding sulfuric acid to the powder used for machine batteries, a reaction will occur with the release of heat and the smell of dichloroacetic acid. The medicine itself is practically odorless. The higher the quality of the drug, the less its odor. If you taste the powder, it will cause numbness, coolness and astringent effect.

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