Glucosuria is ... Glucosuria: a description, causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment characteristics

Glucosuria is a disease characterized bythe content of glucose in the urine. The presence of it is vital. However, its concentration in a healthy person is so small that it is practically impossible to detect it with the help of modern laboratory methods. But such an indicator of glucose in the urine, as zero, is evidence of serious problems in the body and requires urgent medical intervention.

glucosuria is

Glucosuria is a disorder that can becongenital, and can develop under the influence of a number of factors. Regardless of this, pathology can be transmitted at the genetic level. This, in turn, is very dangerous, because then it increases the likelihood of a dead or sick child.

Glucosuria in the urine may indicateimproper functioning of the kidneys. At the same time, the blood sugar level remains within normal limits. And there are cases when the kidneys properly perform their function, but the blood sugar level is very high. This leads to an increased content of glucose in the urine and the development of glucosuria. The diagnosis is made only on the basis of a 24-hour urine test.

The mechanism of kidney function and the development of glucosuria

The proper functioning of the kidneys is as follows: they form the primary urine. It contains various molecules, including glucose. All components must be back-suctioned.

The mechanisms of glucosuria are triggered by the increasethe upper threshold of glucose, when the kidneys simply can not take all the glucose from the primary urine back. However, the disease can occur even if the kidneys work properly, if the blood sugar level reaches a critical level.

This disease is very difficult to detect,As the symptoms accompanying it, as a rule, it is not accepted to pay special attention. In fact, the symptoms of this disease is quite a lot. After all, the increase in sugar in the human body is a deviation from the norm, and any deviation necessarily manifests itself.

Signs of the disease

The main sign of the development of glucosuria isa constant feeling of thirst. In this connection, a person begins to consume a large amount of fluid, which leads to increased urination, especially at night.

renal glucosuria

A person with glucosuria can startsharply lose weight. Weakness and drowsiness will become his habitual "companions". There may also be visual impairment, itching, especially in the genital area, or increased sweating.

You need to listen more often to your body,then it will be possible to diagnose this ailment at an early stage. To do this, you just need to go to a medical facility and pass a 24-hour urine test. If suddenly the result confirms your fears, do not despair. The doctor will prescribe a treatment that will reduce the level of sugar and prevent the development of complications. In the future it will only be necessary to monitor the maintenance of the required level of glucose.

It is also important to know that pregnancy and diabetes serve as a catalyst for this disease.


The reasons that can cause glucosuria are great, but special attention should be paid to the most common of them.

mechanisms of glucosuria

Causes of glucosuria:

  • Diabetes mellitus is a disease that canto bear an innate character. It can also develop under the influence of medication, alcohol, or other factors that affect the functioning of the kidneys. Glucosuria in diabetes mellitus is a great threat to human life.
  • Blood poisoning.
  • Incorrect thyroid function or lack of it.
  • Pregnancy. During this period, a large number of changes occur in the body, and if, as a consequence, glucosuria develops, the life of the baby will be in jeopardy.
  • Excessive use of caffeine, as well as drug use, can lead to the onset of this disease.
  • Abuse of alcoholic beverages leads to dysfunction of all internal organs, to an increase in the level of sugar in the blood, and the addition of an already deplorable situation can become glucosuria.
  • Side effect of anesthesia.
  • Shock situation for the body. For example, extensive burns or numerous fractures.

Also, glucosuria is observed in renal failure, and quite often.


Depending on the causes of the development of glucosuria can have different forms:

  • Physiological. This form of glucosuria is inherent in perfectly healthy people. It manifests itself because of the tendency to overeating and abuse of beverages containing caffeine. At present, physiological glucosuria is very common in young people. This is due to the fact that young people often and in large quantities use energy drinks, a feature of which is the high content of caffeine.
  • Pathological. It develops because of kidney disease.

Renal appearance

In medicine, it is customary to distinguish the following speciesGlucosuria: daily, renal and real. Each of them has a number of features and its approach to treatment. Therefore, before you fight this disease, you need to determine its appearance.

Renal glucosuria in most casesarises from the congenital pathology of the kidneys. Misuse of this body helps to remove a large amount of glucose from the body, and this is indicated by its increased content in the urine. Excessive loss of sugar can lead to the fact that a person will feel a constant decline of strength, a feeling of hunger and thirst. The development of this disease in children can lead to a delay in physical development.

glucosuria in diabetes mellitus


Primary real glucosuria is characterized byincreased sugar in the urine, while its content in the blood remains normal. Symptoms of this disease are not expressed, because in the body there is a decrease in the renal threshold, and not a change in the work of internal organs. Despite this, the consequences of the disease can be irreversible if you do not seek medical help on time.

Secondary and diurnal glucosuria

Secondary real glucosuria is manifested in chronic kidney diseases.

Daily glucosuria is an increased indexof glucose in daily urine. This ailment is often temporary. It is associated with excessive consumption of sweets or with a lot of physical activity per day. The best solution for detecting daily glucosuria will be a complete medical examination.

Having considered all kinds of pathology, it can be concluded that most often the disease is observed with kidney disease.

Treatment of glucosuria

Medical preparations intended to cure this disease are not yet available at the moment.

glucosuria in the urine

People with this diagnosis, if necessary, are administeredInsulin and solutions enriched with minerals. However, the most common way to combat this disease is proper nutrition. Patients with glucosuria need a lot of carbohydrates and potassium, which they can get in the process of feeding. In this regard, they need to adhere to a strict diet.

Glucosuria is a disease transmitted byinheritance. Therefore, people with this disease, before conceiving a child, should consult with the attending physician. After all, children who suffer from glucosuria may lag behind in their physical development from their peers.

Glucosuria is observed when

A pregnant woman with such a diagnosis should be constantly monitored. Because there is a threat to the life of the baby, and the probability of the birth of a dead child is high.


Based on the foregoing, we can make the followingconclusion: Glukozuria is not a specific disease, but a symptom. On how timely it will be found, the future future of the person depends.

causes of glucosuria

Virtually all people suffering from sugardiabetes and various kidney diseases, systematically visit hospitals and monitor the level of glucose. And with such a pathology, as glucosuria, are familiar not by hearsay. However, as practice shows, this category of citizens is small. Most of us avoid visiting medical institutions and sometimes even do not know about their sores. Many learn about glyukozuria quite by accident. Women in general can learn about this ailment only during pregnancy, when it is necessary to take a large number of tests. This is a very sad fact. After all, a negligent attitude to yourself can cost a child's life.

For timely diagnosis of glucosuria and other diseases, you need to be more careful about your body. In time, the measures taken are a guarantee of good health.

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