Hardware massage of face and body

Vacuum-roller or hardware massage,performed on the technology lpg, is one of the most effective procedures used today to update the skin of the face, correction and modeling of the figure, fight against cellulite and a general tightening of the body.

hardware massage lpg

If you want to tighten the skin in a short time,make contours more smooth and harmonious, then this is the way modern cosmetology will provide the most effective help. Moreover, in addition to cosmetic effects, the hardware massage lpg also has a therapeutic effect. An excellent result of this procedure is achieved through the combined effects of vacuum, vibration and constantly rotating rollers.

Aesthetic cosmetology uses this kind oftherapy for overweight, eliminating the "orange peel", treating cellulite on the back of the thigh and in the buttocks. Also, hardware massage stimulates metabolic processes, increases blood circulation, helps to eliminate swelling and swelling. It helps to improve microcirculation and enhance lymph flow, stimulates the lymphatic system and cleanses the body of excess fluid and toxins. In addition, hardware massage tones up the muscles and restores the elasticity of the skin.

hardware massage
In medicine, this technology is used forrendering of medical-improving effect at muscular pains in a loin, a back and a collar zone. In this case, the main focus is on particularly sensitive and painful places. Hardware massage performed on the tendons, joints and muscles, contributes to a significant reduction in their stress, increases mobility, stimulates elasticity and improves metabolic processes, thereby increasing their overall performance. In addition to effective and rapid withdrawal of pain, this technology is used to relieve nervous tension and stress, the treatment of headaches, angina pectoris, hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia, various gynecological diseases, and insomnia.

hardware facial massage
Hardware facial massage is used as apreventive and curative therapy for the most visible area - for the face skin. With the help of a professional device and a set of special attachments, specialists perform procedures aimed at increasing skin tone, eliminating edema, modeling the face oval and reducing the amount of fat. It is this type of massage that helps in just ten to fifteen sessions to remove subcutaneous excesses, align the face oval, improve tone and remove flabbiness, thereby gradually disappearing a large number of fine wrinkles.

Currently, lpg technology is used as aseparately, and in conjunction with other techniques, for example, with liposuction. In most salons and clinics this kind of massage is an obligatory part of the rehabilitation process after surgical liposuction. The use of the hardware technique can significantly improve the result of the operation by performing an additional skin tightening.

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