Biliary colic.

Biliary colic, or hepatic colic, isone of the most common diseases of our time. Its cause, as a rule, is a stone, which becomes an obstacle to the outflow of bile from the gallbladder or liver, while it also blocks the ducts. There is a situation when the body tries to get rid of such a complication, the result is a spasm of all internal organs, and this is nothing more than severe pain in the right side of the abdomen. Such colic in the abdomen in adults cause great discomfort and significantly reduce the tone of the body. The same pain is caused by colic in babies.

Biliary colic can manifest itself in the absence of stones, that is, in the so-called biliary dyskinesia. In this case, they speak of a violation of the contractions of the bile ducts.

Before starting treatment of this disease,It is necessary to find out what are its causes. Most often, the causes of colic are stones in the gallbladder, biliary tract. Another reason can be and sladz, that is, a viscous, thick bile. If it is a matter of cholelithiasis, the most optimal solution is to remove the stones, and do this, as a rule, during the operation. You can use and medicamental treatment, and sometimes appoint and ultrasonic lithotripsy.

In any case, whatever method of excavating stonesnor was it chosen, it is always possible to use preparations of plant origin. For example, the preparation Holita is recommended for use. He loosens the stones, improves the composition of bile, and also stops the formation of new stones.

As a result of the use of this drug will bethe separation of bile is intensified, there will be no irritation in the ducts. In addition, the preparation Holita will act as an excellent antiseptic and will have good antibacterial properties. If you systematically take it, you can improve digestive processes, reduce the load on the liver, as well as the pancreas.

Biliary colic, as a rule, is standardmanifestation of cholecystitis or cholelithiasis. The reason for this - the complications obtained after the transferred typhoid, cholangitis or cholestasis. As for the diagnosis, it is usually put on the resulting clinical picture, and also, based on the condition of internal organs. Most often, biliary colic occurs in women, much less often in men. There is a reason for this: the cholelithiasis affects the body of a woman three times more often.

Attacks of the disease have characteristic features.

First, they begin immediately after takingfood. As a rule, people suffering from this disease can not eat fatty, fried, baked, smoked, and also spicy food. They also contraindicated alcohol. If there is a sharp physical strain, if you work for a long time in an inclined position, if you constantly endure stress, then you can get biliary colic. Colic in women can coincide with periods of menstruation. Sometimes they occur after the birth of a child.

As a rule, the pain does not subside duringsixty minutes, after which the pain continues for two or sometimes six hours. If the pain continues even longer, it means that the patient is diagnosed with cholecystitis. All the pains begin just above the navel, give under the right rib and in the back, the right arm, and also around the neck. If you breathe deeply or move, the pain will intensify.

Often the pain is accompanied by nausea and vomiting,increased body temperature. If you treat colic, you need not only to get rid of the pain, but also to eradicate its cause, otherwise the seizures will repeat, and quite often.

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