Spinal cord lordosis: causes and symptoms

To maintain the vertical position of the body atwalking every spine has natural curves. But with the development of various pathologies, they can become too strong. In this case, deformations have a certain direction: to the side (scoliosis), forward (lordosis of the spine) or back (kyphosis). In this article, we will talk about too strong bending of the spinal column forward, that is, about lordosis.

lordosis of the spine
Primary lordosis of the vertebral column in the cervical andlumbar spine arises due to various malformations, inflammatory processes and tumors. Secondary lordosis can develop as a complication with excess weight, pregnancy, ankylosis, hip dislocation and some other diseases. However, often in diagnosis, doctors put a note that the lordosis is smoothed, which means flattening of the bend.


If a person has a strong lordosisspine, then his figure acquires the following appearance: unbent knee joints, bulging belly, body and pelvis leaning backwards. In addition, this disease leads to pain in the affected part, which arise due to stretching of the muscles and incorrect distribution of the load. Often, such patients are observed the omission of organs that are in the abdominal cavity, and a significant disruption of their work.

How to treat lordosis of the spine

lordosis treatment
Primary (that is, congenital) lordosis can be eliminated only with the help of surgery and further rehabilitation procedures: massage, physiotherapy and physiotherapy.

The lordosis of the spine, which developed as a result ofother causes, corrected with the help of a bandage, special massage and various gymnastic exercises. This is especially important during the bearing of the child. After all, lordosis, whose treatment was neglected during pregnancy, can lead to a general deterioration of well-being and discomfort in the back. With this problem, a prenatal bandage, which will prevent deformations, and specially selected gymnastics can help.

Physiotherapy exercises (LFK) warnsthe appearance of negative factors, has a beneficial effect on muscles and promotes the formation of a "corset" in problem areas. The patient must fulfill the only condition - to practice regularly. Only in this case it will be possible to speak about any efficiency and positive dynamics. Gymnastics is done not only in hospitals, but also at home.

lordosis is smoothed
When carrying out exercise therapy, the patient must adhere to several simple rules:

1. Gymnastics should be carried out not under compulsion, and at will.

2. Feeling of fatigue after exercise is permissible, but in no case should the patient feel pain or exercise until exhaustion.

3. You need to learn how to breathe properly and effectively through your nose. During the exercise, you should not hold your breath, because the rhythm is lost and an additional load on the respiratory organs appears.

Secondary lordosis of the spine should be treated onlyafter eliminating the causes that led to this violation of posture. For example, with obesity, the patient must lose weight. As with any other disease, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive diagnosis.

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