What are sunshine? How to get rid of them?

What is sunshine, why do they appear? How to get rid of them? Let's try to understand this article.

Sunworms can manifest themselves on the hands,shoulders, human torso and are one of the varieties of fungal diseases. Such lichen is not contagious, and the main cause of its appearance is considered reduced immunity. The peak of the disease usually occurs in the summer months, which is why it got its name.

Sunshine is a patch of pink color with a slightly flaky surface. With the passage of time, the spots noticeably whiten and cease to peel off.

Although sunshine is not considered to be infectiousdisease, visit a dermatologist still have to. Firstly, only a doctor can make a diagnosis and put an accurate diagnosis. Secondly, it is the dermatologist who must prescribe an antifungal drug and a special therapy for strengthening the immune system in each specific case. Third, the sunshine is capable of recurrence. What to do in order to avoid such a problem, the doctor will also tell.


Sunworm is a fungal disease, soand fight it with antifungal drugs. Perhaps in this case, the use of ointment Miramistin. Once a day, it is applied to stains, but treatment should be carried out for at least two weeks. Even after the disappearance of spots, an additional course of treatment is prescribed about a month later. Thus, the possibility of relapse is prevented.

Antifungal agents of general actionappointed in those cases when the disease has been developing for quite a long period and has gone too far. The doctor may recommend the use of Flukostat. To speed up the recovery, it does not hurt to ask for help and folk medicine. Treatment of the affected surface can be salicylic alcohol once a day. It is also useful to apply a napkin soaked in apple cider vinegar. And do not forget to take a complex of vitamins to maintain immunity.

color deprive photos

Color deprivation: pictures give an idea of ​​the disease

The cause of the color deprivation is the same -reduced immunity. It appears when the weather is hot and humid. The causative agent of the disease is fungus. The skin of almost every human being has a fungus Pityrosporum oval, which causes color deprivation under favorable conditions. These include the following:

  • predisposition of a person to skin diseases;
  • violation of the physiological processes of the skin;
  • increased sweating and a certain sweat composition.

Colored lichen is not dangerous, but very unaesthetic. In the clinic, a dermatologist can easily confirm the diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment. Usually, ointments "ketoconazole", "Clotrimazole", "Miconazole" are suitable. Ointment is applied to the affected area twice a day, for at least two weeks.

pink leshay

Pink lichen

The reason for the appearance of pink lichen is still notinstalled. Experts agree that its causative agent penetrates into the body, which has weakened immunity. There is no exact data on the contagiousness of this disease, it is also unknown how it is transmitted. Once an ill person gets immunity, and repeated infection is almost impossible. You do not need to treat pink lice, it goes on its own after about 5 weeks and does not recur. If the patient is bothered by itching, then prescription of antihistamines and glucocorticosteroids is possible.

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