The drug "Methandrostenolone": reviews about the application in sports

The drug "Methandrostenolone", reviews about whichare positive in the environment of athletes of different levels, has long been known as one of the most powerful anabolics. By its structure and main biological functions, this compound resembles the main male sex hormone. That is why it is actively accepted by all those athletes who first of all want to strengthen such properties of the body as endurance, strength, a set of muscle mass. This drug became very popular even more half a century ago, when it was first synthesized for mass application.

methandrostenolone reviews

Nowadays many beginner sportsmen would like toKnow about where to buy "Methandrostenolone". Despite the huge popularity of this tool, it has recently been listed as banned for free sale. Therefore, today it is almost impossible to buy the drug "Methandrostenolone" in the pharmacy. It can only be bought from "black dealers". However, in the latter case, no one will give a guarantee that the package will contain the exact connection specified. No matter how terrible the consequences of taking this drug in sports circles, it does not appear physiological addiction.

methandrostenolone in the pharmacy

That is why anabolic steroid"Methandrostenolone", reviews of which have created him immense popularity in both professional and amateur sports environments, has always been and will be the No. 1 drug for recruiting mass and strength. Its insignificant cost, along with the powerful effect it has already in the first days of use, has made it one of the most favorite drugs of its kind. However, despite the many positive effects of his admission, every novice athlete should be aware that certain precautions should be followed when taking him.

Rule number 1. Before starting the use of this pharmacological agent, any person should make sure that he does not have any serious illnesses, such as diabetes, a number of heart diseases. It is proved that the drug "Methandrostenolone", which testifies about the harm to health in case of improper use, can aggravate any ailment in the body of people who have even a hidden form of the course of pathological processes. Therefore, every person must undergo a medical examination before using it.

where to buy methandrostenolone

Rule number 2. Apply any steroid only to those athletes who have achieved significant results in training without using them. Otherwise, a person risks not getting the full realization of his natural potential.

Rule number 3. It is necessary to start taking the drug with a minimum dosage and a short course duration. Anabolic steroid "Methandrostenolone", reviews of which are positive only with the correct scheme of use, usually begin to use with a dose of the order of 10-20 mg per day. The duration of therapy for the first exposure to the drug usually does not exceed a four-week period of time.

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