Are they fat from beer? If not, where did the expression "beer belly" come from?

do they get fat from beer
Beer is one of the most popularalcoholic beverages in the world. There is an opinion that the foam damages the body, and often the question arises whether it gets fat from beer, especially as it is in some cases deservedly called "liquid bread". The doctors proved that this drink promotes active production of bile and gastric juice, which positively affects the work of the entire digestive tract. Beer, used on an empty stomach, clears the stomach of mucus, which benefits the citizens suffering from gastritis. To all the rest, everyone knows that it has a phenomenal diuretic effect and helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones, perfectly washing them. Scientists have discovered in the drink many more useful qualities, some of them:

  • beer lowers cholesterol in the blood;
  • it is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • beer normalizes blood pressure (lowers it);
  • in small amounts has a calming effect.

Use of measure

drinking beer

It turns out that the consumption of beer, about 0.5liter daily, saturates the body with vitamins PP, B1, B2, significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. But this drink, however like everything in our world, loves moderation, its overdose can cause irreparable harm to the body, compared to which the beer belly will seem like a child's play.

Damage to beer

Men who regularly consume beer infor several years, notice that they are rapidly gaining weight. Do they grow from beer, or does weight gain involve other factors? There is no unequivocal answer, there are several mutually exclusive theories, which, of course, have their adherents, proving their rightness sometimes with foam at the mouth. But scientists came to the conclusion - it's true that the beer gets fat, especially the representatives of the stronger sex. Why is this, and what is the reason for this trend - a separate issue, but the fact remains. Even without the conclusion of scientists and doctors, owners of beer belts will tell you whether they get fat from beer.

The fact is that in this drink in a largequantity contains a substance called phytoestrogen, which is very close to the female hormone progesterone. It falls into the product of hop cones, which are necessarily used in brewing. Frequent use of the drink disrupts the harmonious work of the endocrine system, that is, the production of hormones. The presence in the male body of a large number of phytoestrogen suppresses the normal production of testosterone (a hormone). Because of this, the man begins to grow stout in the female type, fat is deposited in large quantities on the abdomen, sides and hips. In addition to weight changes, a violation of the synthesis of testosterone reduces the amount of hair on the face and body, changes the timbre of the voice. With prolonged use of this drink, sometimes an increase in mammary glands and a decrease in potency are noticeable. Of course, there are people who are not susceptible to phytoestogen, or in principle have a very slender body from nature and are not genetically inclined to fullness.

The second factor that affects weight gain isit's fatty snacks for beer. It is not even known that it hurts the figure more strongly. Whether they grow from beer or still from different chips, nuts, salty cheese and sausages, which are usually served as a snack for a pen. Caloric content of the above products is very high, which, of course, also can not but affect the deposition of excess fat.

Be sure to read the labels on the beer bottles. On average, the calorie content of the drink is 300-400 kcal / 100 ml, therefore, after drinking 1 liter of beer (let its temperature be 4 degrees Celsius), a person receives 350 kcal x 10 = 3,500 kcal, and taking into account 33 kcal, necessary for heating the swill, - approximately 3000 kcal of pure energy. Yes, and even find a fool, well, or an amateur who will drink such a literally ice-cold beer!

the truth is that the beer gets fat

To consume or not?

Having become acquainted with the main advantages andlack of beer, people are wondering whether it can be drunk without harm to the body. Once again, we stress that beer can be consumed, but in very moderate quantities. But a systematic and abundant drink will lead to nothing good, can cause serious health problems, including obesity.

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