Why mosquito bites are itching?

As soon as the sun on the street starts to warmstronger, immediately there is one small buzzing problem - the mosquito and all the unpleasant things that can be associated with it. Let's figure out why mosquitoes drink blood and, in fact, why mosquito bites are itching.

why mosquito bites are itching

Who is a mosquito?

The mosquito is considered the closest relative of the mosquito andoccurs on the territory of the whole globe where there is a fresh water body nearby, as these insects lay eggs only in places with high humidity. In order to survive and produce offspring, mosquitoes need the blood of warm-blooded organisms. The mosquito's bite is carried out with the help of a proboscis, by which it pierces not only the upper layer of the skin, but also the blood vessel from which the blood sucks. Initially, a person does not feel that he was bitten, but after a while the place of defeat starts to itch. Why?

Why mosquito bites are itching?

It's all about saliva, which the mosquito allocates inthe process of drinking blood. The human body recognizes it as a foreign substance and begins to produce antibodies to eliminate it. Therefore, the blood flow increases at the site of the bite. If you itch, very quickly there is a wound from scratching, in place of which there is not only an itch, but also a pain that indicates the onset of inflammation, which is why the mosquito bites are itching even more. The bite site is recommended to be treated with an antiseptic or any means that kills germs, since mosquitoes bite all indiscriminately and can be the bearer of many dangerous diseases.

mosquito bite so that it does not itch

Than to process a mosquito bite that it was not scratched

Doctors recommend not scratching the lesion, but sometimes the itching becomes unbearable, and then one of the methods listed below may come to the rescue.

  1. To the place of bite for a short time you can apply a cotton swab impregnated with a solution of soda or alcohol. After this, the solution is best not to rinse off, but let it dry.
  2. Destructions can be handled by one of the following:the following medicines: valocordin, corvalol, calendula or arnica tincture, sour cream, "Zvezdochka" balm, toothpaste, onion juice, and the simplest thing that can be saliva.
    why it itches a mosquito bite
  3. Rub the plantain leaf and attach to the bite for a couple of minutes.
  4. Apply something cold or ice cube (to prevent the formation of a hematoma).
  5. You can make a compress of urine.
  6. In the event that mosquitoes bite very hard, it is recommended to take a bath with lavender oil, tea tree oil or simply with sea salt.
  7. Apply special plasters against scratching the skin after insect bites.

Among other things, when answering the question,why it is scratched mosquito bite, it is worth considering that after mosquito bites there are allergic reactions, which can be mitigated by taking such antihistamines as "Tavegil", "Fenistil", "Suprastin", etc. Thus, the question of why mosquito bites are itching, found their answer. To protect yourself and your loved ones will help a lot of repellents sold in the pharmacy.

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