How to determine appendicitis at home? Some useful tips

Appendicitis is quite common and dangerousa disease associated with inflammation of the blind process of the large intestine. In such situations, urgent medical attention should be sought. Therefore, information on how to determine appendicitis at home, will be useful to everyone. After all, this disease can be accompanied by different signs, and the intensity of the symptoms can also change.

how to determine appendicitis at home

For starters, it should be noted that from such aproblems are not protected by anyone - inflammation can begin in young, or in adults or even the elderly. Therefore, in more detail it is worth considering the main symptoms of the disease, so that in case of danger in time to take action.

How to determine appendicitis at home? Main symptoms

What are the signs accompanied by inflammation of the appendix? Actually, there are several of them:

  • The most striking symptom is pain, andat first it can be localized almost anywhere in the abdominal cavity. For example, some patients initially feel discomfort in the epigastric region, while others claim that pain occurs in the navel and spreads throughout the body. In any case, as the disease develops, the pain gives to the right hypochondrium. The pain can be acute, strong and blunt or even cramping. They can disturb the patient constantly or arise and disappear.
  • In addition, appendicitis is often accompanied by symptoms from the digestive system, in particular, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.
  • As the progress of inflammatory processesa person begins to feel weakness, malaise and other signs of intoxication of the body. Body temperature can rise to 37.5 degrees, less often a fever. Interestingly, the temperature measured with a rectal thermometer is a more important indicator - it can rise 10 degrees.

appendicitis treatment

How to determine appendicitis at home?

Of course, the symptoms of inflammation are noticeable, butMany diseases can be accompanied by the same signs. And if you need to know how to determine appendicitis at home, here are a few very characteristic symptoms:

  • The constant pain in the right side of the body affects the patient's gait. While walking, he constantly leans to the right, holding his side with both hands, trying to instinctively protect him from vibrations.
  • Patients always lie on their right side, bending their legs under them - so the pain becomes less.
  • In more severe conditions, you can see the asymmetry of the abdomen - the navel is shifted to the right.
  • intestinal infections
    There is one more piece of advice on how toto determine appendicitis at home. The patient should lie on his back, stretching his arms and legs. Now the fingers of the hand need to gently and strongly push the area around the navel, then sharply pull back the hands - this movement will respond with a strong pain in the right side of the abdominal cavity.
  • At the slightest suspicion of appendicitis, you must immediately deliver a person to the hospital.

    Appendicitis: treatment

    First of all, the doctor will carefully examine the patient andwill assign some tests. To date, the treatment of appendicitis consists in the surgical removal of the inflamed process of the intestine. The operation is simple and is performed under general anesthesia.

    Once again it is worth noting that such a staterequires the help of surgeons. In the absence of necessary treatment, perforation of the appendix may be possible - in such cases, the entire accumulated infiltrate will spread through the abdominal cavity, causing bowel infections, sepsis and infection of the internal organs.

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