Mechanical or electronic suction nozzle for children: which one to choose?

Banal snot can cause severe complications in children under 3 years old. At this age, babies do not know how to flaunt themselves, and only parents can purify their noses by using a sucker.

Why do we need such a device?

Little children react sharply to the appearance ofsnot. This is due to the anatomical structure of the nasal cavity. Passages are not yet sufficiently formed and remain narrow. Because of this, removing mucus from the nose without a special device is very difficult.

suction nozzle

If you do not clear the passes in timefrom the snot and crusts, complications can occur in the form of development of bacterial infections. Also, children under one year with a jammed nose spoil general health, and there is excessive excitability and irritability. As a result, the baby can give up breast and not gain weight. This adversely affects its development. After all, a good weight gain in children under one year is one of the main components of health and normal growth.

Due to congestion of the nose, hypoxia may occur. This is a lack of oxygen in the body. This state leads to sluggishness and capriciousness of the baby and can affect emotional and physical development. Misleading children after a year often leads to otitis. This is due to the proximity of the nasal and ear canals. To avoid all complications, parents need to cleanse the nose in time to the child, using a suction nozzle.

Benefits of aspirators

Previously, to clean the nose of a child from mucusused rubber pears for an enema, or the mother did this process with the help of her mouth. Such methods are not very hygienic and do harm in the form of mechanical damage to the nose. After all, a rubber pear does not have a special limiter, and it was easy to accidentally get too deep into the nose.

suction nozzle in children

For this reason, babies are often injured, andeven bleeding occurred. When the sucker appeared, the care of the child was greatly facilitated. This device has a high degree of protection against injury. The device is thought out to trifles. As a result, the process of cleaning the nose can not hurt either the baby or the mother. Slime, which is removed from the nose, can not get into the mouth of parents, and the baby does not experience pain and discomfort during the cleaning of the aisles.

What are the types?

Modern suction nozzle can be of several types:

  • mechanical;
  • electronic (electric);
  • aspirator.

These types differ in their design andprinciple of action. Sucker nozzle in children of any kind is used only to clean the nasal passages, therefore it is strictly forbidden to use it for other purposes.

These devices vary in price depending on thefrom the manufacturer and additional functions. The most affordable option is considered to be aspirators. They look like a small rubber pear with a special nozzle for the child's spout. Often, manufacturers produce a suction nozzle for newborns and children older than a year in the form of toys. This design move allows you to distract the child in the process of cleansing the nose. Such an aspirator can be boiled for disinfection.

Mechanical devices

The operation of such devices is based on thethe efforts of the parents themselves. The mechanical suction nozzle consists of a silicone tubing with a mouthpiece and a plastic tip attached to it. All elements of the device are made of transparent material, which allows you to control the amount of remote mucus from the nasal passages of the child. The nozzles are anatomically shaped and easily penetrate into the tip of the baby for a certain distance and no further. Thus, it is almost impossible to injure a child.

otrevin sucker nozzle

Often manufacturers in the kit addadditional replaceable nozzles. If not, then after each use of the aspirator, the tip should be treated with a soap solution. To avoid getting mucus in your mouth to an adult, many models are equipped with special filters in the mouthpieces. They must be changed at a certain periodicity, as specified in the instructions.

The nozzle is placed in the nasal passage of the child, andThe adult in the mouthpiece draws in air. Thus, the mucus enters the tube. Plus this device is an independent control of the force of air drawn in, as well as unlimited use.

Electronic suction nozzle

This device works on batteries. It is compact enough in size, and it can be taken with you on trips. The set includes replaceable nozzles. Often manufacturers produce such suction devices with additional functions:

  • moisturizing the nasal mucosa;
  • musical accompaniment;
  • light effects.

suction nozzle for newborns

This makes it possible to carry out the purification procedurenose with distraction of the child. Functions are aimed at facilitating the care of the baby and his comfortable psychological state during hygiene procedures.

Care of such a device is quite simple. The nozzles should be regularly cleaned after each use, and batteries should be cleaned if the device is not used for a long time.

Advantages of the electronic aspirator

Electric suction nozzle for children byefficiency is similar to the hospital "cuckoo". He for a few seconds completely cleans the baby's spout from all the mucus. His device is completely thought out and safe for the baby by 100%. The strength of the suction is designed for soft mucus removal from the baby's nose without harming the vessels and skin.

The anatomic attachment can not damage the nasalthe child's cavity. The tube is made of silicone, which makes it easy to care for it. Use more than 2-3 times a day, this device is not recommended, so that the nasal mucosa does not dry up.

Assortment of suction devices of the company "Otrivin"

This firm has long been established in the market forproduction of devices and devices for child care. The assortment of this company is quite extensive and allows parents to purchase products of a suitable price and model. The quality and safety of goods is in the first place in the manufacture of products "Otrivin". Suction nozzle is also available in this category. It is represented by aspirators and mechanical models.

electronic suction nozzle

The set includes replaceable nozzles. Also they can be purchased separately in a set of 10 pieces. This makes it possible to maintain the hygienic component when caring for the baby's nose.

According to many moms, this device is at timesfacilitates the course of the illness of the child with snot and allows the baby to carry the nasal congestion without discomfort. If you apply Otryvin suction devices, the probability of developing bacterial complications decreases several times.

How to use suction pumps?

Many mothers are wondering how rightUse the suction nozzle so as not to harm the child. The answer is simple enough - strictly according to the instructions. Each device has a insert with step-by-step actions. Parents only need to follow the instructions, and problems should not arise. Before using the suction unit, it is advisable to rinse the spout with a special moisturizer. It should be remembered that children up to one year can not use such solutions in the form of a spray.

The solution is buried in each nasal passagealternately. The head of the child should be inclined to the side, depending on the order of treatment of each nasal canal. This makes it possible to avoid getting mucus and drops into the ear canal.

electric suction nozzle for children

A few seconds after moistening, you canstart sucking off the snot with this or that device. The nozzles should not be tried to be shoved in the nose far and with great effort. Each nasal passage is cleaned separately. In this case, one should close the free nostril alternately. After cleaning the nozzle, the device should be thoroughly washed and folded into a case or box.

How to care for sucker suckers

Proper maintenance of the devices significantly prolongsterm of their service and does not give an opportunity to develop in them bacterial infections. It is strictly forbidden to wash the device with any chemical means and household chemicals. Treatment should occur after each process of cleaning the nose with water and soap. In electronic devices only silicone tubules and nozzles are allowed to be washed. Keep aspirators in a box or plastic case away from children. Do not allow babies to play with devices to prevent injury and swallow small particles.

Parents' comments

Sucker nozzles have become an indispensable thing forcare of children. According to numerous parents who regularly use these devices since birth, caring for the baby has become much easier. Diseases flow more easily, unpleasant symptoms go away, and recovery comes several times faster. Moms note that even with the advent of sopelok, newborn babies actively suck their breasts and do not act up.

mechanical sucker nozzle

Older children do not react so painfully tothe process of cleaning the nose with the help of devices, because it passes quickly and painlessly. The use of mechanical and electrical devices, according to users, greatly facilitates the course of colds and in adults.

Ease of use and maintenance of suchapparatus is allocated by many mothers. Modern parents make suckers for snot in the first items on the list, which make purchases of everything necessary for the newly born baby. Most pediatricians advise you to purchase the model you liked and affordable for cleaning the child's spout from the first days of his life.

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