Preliminary caresses. How, where and when?

Relations between men and women can not be easyplatonic. They can not exist without sex. And sex does not happen without foreplay. What is foreplay? These are the hottest kisses, hugs, stroking - preliminary caresses. Yes, it is with them that any good sex begins. However, the process of preparation for it for women and for men is somewhat different. Although it does not do without common points.

preliminary caresses

Preliminary caresses for a man begin with gentlekisses that turn into hot and passionate. Then you can start to stimulate the erogenous zones. Naturally, this is the neck and ears. Yes, it is here that there is a sufficient number of nerve endings, the irritation of which leads to the fact that male dignity begins to gain strength. Then you can go to the nipples. Not every man likes this. Here on the fan. But in most cases this zone is also very sensitive and causes blood flow to the penis. And, of course, preliminary caresses do not do without stimulation and the penis itself. This can be both simple stroking and oral caresses, which the representatives of the stronger sex perceive as "hurray." Do not forget about the testicles. Their stimulation is a very, very effective way to maximally prepare a man for sex.

preliminary caresses for a man

Preliminary caresses women do not just like, but,rather, they need them. Moreover, sex in them begins in the head. Therefore, before you start it, it is worth creating an atmosphere that will maximally relax the lady. The very same prelude traditionally begins with kisses on the lips, ears and neck. Here everything is simple: kisses should not be violent, but floppy smacks are not welcome. All in moderation. Then the chest. This is the most erogenous zone. Preliminary caresses without breast massage are impossible. This can be easy stroking, and squeezing, as well as gentle kisses. It's important not to overdo it. Too aggressive stimulation can only be brought down from a sexual mood. After the chest, you can start and to the stomach. Yes, this zone is also quite erogenous. There are not many nerve endings on the abdomen, but then psychology comes into play. The lower the kiss, the more the girl plunges into a sweet languor, leading to a strong arousal. And, of course, stimulation of the genitals. Preliminary caresses without gentle strokes "there" do not give such a strong excitement. Laski can be both hands, and be oral. Then how the girl decides.

preliminary caresses of a woman

In addition to the obvious zones, there are those that rarelypay attention. For example, for many a very sensitive place are the knees and the inner side of the thigh. If the girls and receive a portion of affection in these places, then men are usually deprived. But in vain. There are enough nerve hairs, the irritation of which leads to excitement. This also applies to the inner side of the elbows. Yes, there is usually tickling. But this titillation also positively influences the prelude. As well as foot massage. In men, by the way, there are points, the effect on which leads to an erection.

Good preliminary caresses - this is a direct way to quality and good sex, which will bring a lot of impressions and pleasant sensations.

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