Delt training: barbell press with standing chest, barbell press due to head, inclined barbell bench press

A beautiful body in the modern world is notonly an indicator of health, but also indicates that a person has a good material wealth. Let's pay attention to representatives of the business class from Western Europe and America. Most of them, if not pumped up, they are quite athletic people. This trend is based on the idea that if a person is fairly wealthy, then he can spend not all the time at work, but can afford to visit the hall and engage in himself. It is also more pleasant to communicate with a person who is smart, gallant and looks good.

The bar - the beginning of the beginning

This sports equipment is familiar to everyoneman, the bar is the most common simulator in the world for exercises with weights. The role of the bar in strength training or bodybuilding is very high, because it is this sports projectile is the base for athletes. Through training with him, you can achieve a variety of results, increase strength, endurance, remove excess weight. The use of the bar is very wide, not only for a huge number of different exercises, both basic and insulating, but also in various sports for the training of athletes.

Army Press

A barbell barbell with a standing chest is a basic exercise,performing which the athlete uses several different joints, namely the elbow and shoulder joints. This exercise is aimed at the development of the front and middle deltas, in addition to this, the load is still in the rear deltoid beams.

barbell bench press

Among beginning athletes, there is a myth about the harmfulness of this exercise, but do not give in to mass panic. If you do the exercise correctly, then no harm will be done.

To do the exercise safely, remember the following rules:

  1. Press the bar with the chest standing, preferably onpower frame, because it is during the lifting of weight from the ground you can get injured. Insignificant weight can be lifted from the ground, however at growth of loadings probability of reception of a mutilation grows.
  2. Before the exercise, you must selectright grasp, which is determined by the rule of the golden mean. Do not take too wide the bar because the amplitude of the movements will be incomplete, which will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the exercises.
  3. A barbell barbell with a standing chest is an exercise that requires maximum concentration.

So, we begin. Legs on the floor should be parallel to each other and be on the width of the shoulders, this is done to ensure that the spine is balanced. After this, take the bar in its original position, that is, on the upper part of the chest. After that, raise it up, elbows do not unbend it completely, the eyes are directed upwards. Breathing in the air, we return the projectile to the starting position. A barbell press with a standing chest is a wonderful exercise. It allows you to work out the muscles well.

Press bar from behind the head

Exercise is aimed at the development of deltoidmuscles, except for them are used subscapular and the widest dorsal muscles. Undoubtedly, an exceptionally correct technique will allow to perform this exercise qualitatively, to obtain the maximum effect and to protect yourself from injuries.

barbell presses from behind the head

There are several ways to accomplish thisexercise barbell presses from behind the head, it can be done standing or sitting, the choice is left for the athlete. The correct implementation of this exercise is as follows:

  1. Legs should be placed on the width of the shoulders, the back should be slightly bent in the lower back, shoulders spread out.
  2. First of all, you need to breathe in enoughDeep, then hold your breath. Immediately after this, the projectile, in this case the bar, rises. It is very important at this time to monitor the elbows, if properly executed, they should look in different directions.
  3. At the peak of the amplitude, it is necessary to straighten the arms so that the bar is over his head.
  4. A slight pause is maintained at the top of the voltage.
  5. After this, on exhalation the projectile gently falls to its starting position behind the head. The neck should not touch the back.

If you do such a bar press, the grip should not be done broad. It is necessary to remember the rule of the golden mean.

Inclined rod press

This exercise helps to strengthenseveral muscles on the body of an athlete. The bulk of the load falls on the upper part of the muscles of the chest, then triceps and deltas are involved. Depending on the location of the bench, these or those muscles will be occupied.

inclined barbell press

The higher the back of the bench, the more the load goes to the deltoid muscles.

The actions during the exercise are quiteare simple. It is necessary to choose the height of the bench back, take the starting position and start the exercise. Do not forget to follow the amplitude of the movement of the hands and breathing.

Most Common Errors

barbell barbell

To avoid mistakes during the exercise, it is necessary to focus on each point below:

  • watch for the correctness of breathing;
  • Do not change the trajectory of the projectile;
  • do the full amplitude of the movements;
  • take the correct weights.

If you comply with all the requirements, you can not be afraid of injury, and the results will be good.

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