Who is the chiropractor (doctor)? What is the proper name for the profession? Treatment from a chiropractor

In the olden days a man who knew how to set,put the bone in place of the dislocation, as well as correctly locate the broken, called the bone carver. Many people are interested, in our days the chiropractor (doctor) is properly called? Today it's a manual therapist. He now knows how to not only set the bones, but also to solve a lot of problems associated with the bones and spine. Manual therapy ("treatment with hands") is a whole system where the doctor manipulates the manipulations with his hands. A competent specialist can use them to treat not only the joints and spine, but also disorders in muscles, and even diseases of internal organs.

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Bone handler (doctor) - how correctly called?

Doctor manual therapist (in the old manner of chiropractor)In the treatment of his patients, he uses his own hands. In his competence treatment of pathologies of the spine, including its curvature, as well as various joints.

Before preparing a restoring individual course, a good chiropractor performs a full diagnosis. After that, the doctor proceeds to implement his miraculous techniques.

The main advantage of the course of treatment inmanual therapist in comparison with other methods is that in this case there is no need for the use of drugs. And besides this, manual therapy is sometimes able to help even in cases when conservative methods are already powerless and absolutely ineffective.

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What methods does it use?

Contemporary chiropractor (doctor, as correctcalled, we found out) is a doctor who uses the latest techniques in his work, both diagnosis and treatment. Sessions of manual therapy are carried out in combination with physiotherapy, with massage, with hardware methods. As a result - a persistent effect even with such complex diseases as joint arthrosis, intervertebral hernia, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, vegetovascular dystonia and others.

Some patients after the first sessionfeel some shifts and even improvements. After the manipulation of the manipulative therapist, blood circulation immediately improves, muscles are toned, tissue trophism is intensified and metabolism is accelerated. Of course, one session will not be enough for a cure. Most often it is required to visit a specialist 10 to 20 times. All individually. If already at the initial stages you notice improvements, then the course must be completed to the end. In no case should you stop halfway to recovery. Listen to the doctor's recommendations.

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What does the chiropractor do?

Who is the chiropractor (doctor)? How correctly called in our time is understandable. How does an educated chiropractor work? Manual therapist, like no other is well versed in the physiology of the human body, knows its all functional capabilities. His method and method of treatment, he builds, based not only on the underlying disease. Be sure to take into account the psychological state of the patient. The main purpose of his manipulations (manipulation of the hands on the body) is the removal of pain, as a consequence, compensation of frozen functions (joints, spine, internal organs).

In the office of the chiropractor, allproblems associated with the musculoskeletal system, both congenital and acquired. A full course of manual therapy can restore health to many, and not only joints and spine. After treatment, the work of the endocrine and respiratory systems, the gastrointestinal tract is restored, the blood supply of all organs increases, as well as the brain, immunity rises, the emotional and psychological mood of the patient improves.

Who most often becomes a manual therapist? A specialist may have an orthopedic or neurologist's diploma. To this he still has to get qualified for manual therapy.

Diagnosis by a doctor is not onlyresults of examination, patient complaints, palpation. Often additional examinations are required, X-ray photographs. During the course of treatment it is necessary to monitor the patient's condition, monitor the dynamics of the disease, and be guided by well-being.

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Children's chiropractor

To the specialist people of differentages. Often at the reception of infants. Common trauma - displacement during birth of the cervical vertebrae, congenital dislocation of the joints, dislocation of the hip. To prevent these pathologies do not affect the quality of life in the future, a manual therapist can help in solving the problem. Moscow is a huge metropolis, and it is not difficult to find a good bone carver here. In the regions, many refer to such specialists on the recommendations, according to the former doctor's patients. The manual therapist in the arsenal has many sparing techniques that are specially designed for small patients.

In childhood and adolescence, variousdisease is accompanied by a whole series of various symptoms. At home, it is simply impossible to identify the exact symptoms in infants alone, it is better to visit the manual therapy room with the child. Here the doctor can accurately diagnose. The first sign of any deviations in infants will be a loud crying during some physical impacts: twists, simple exercises, easy massage. Older children can already complain of pain in any part of the spine, in the joints, headache (it can also be a consequence of problems with the spine). In addition, with kyphosis, scoliosis, curved strong changes in posture, incorrect positioning of the head are immediately noticeable. The children's chiropractor knows how to help your child in these cases, after the first consultation he will give recommendations on what to do. A timely diagnosis and targeted treatment will make it possible to get rid of the disease. To confirm such diagnoses, the doctor will send to MRI, X-ray, CT or magnetic resonance angiography. Possible any laboratory studies.

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Indications for children

Many babies were able to help a good chiropractor,proves this any thanksgiving: the manual therapist, as parents assert, does simply miraculous transformations with a body of the child the manipulations. The main thing is to turn in time and immediately after the diagnosis to begin treatment. In what cases does the manual therapist really help? If the child is found:

  • Wrong development of the spine in the infant or baby torticollis.
  • Kifosis, scoliosis, osteochondrosis in older children.
  • Babies have birth injuries.
  • Adolescents, schoolchildren have a wrong posture, scoliosis.
  • In the middle and school age, various dislocations and traumas.
  • Articular diseases.
  • Some diseases of internal organs.
  • Muscular pathology.

Getting Rid of Pain

Undoubtedly, it is possible to get rid of the vertebral hernia with the help of surgical intervention. However, the manual therapist will help to overcome the pain. Moscow - this is the city where you can easily findhighly qualified specialist. Pain is the leading symptom of spine diseases, the chiropractor is able to restore biochemical processes at the site of injury.

Every bone-doctor has a knowledge of this principle,that the leading disease entails a disruption of the work of other important systems of the body, since it represents a single whole. For example, if a finger is injured on the lower limb, this will lead to a change in the gait, as a consequence, arthrosis of the hip joint is possible. Further, there will be a violation of the functions of internal organs, displacement of the vertebrae, violation of posture and so on. It is for this reason that even minor diseases should be identified at the first stages and be treated in a timely manner.

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What diseases does the manual therapist treat?

Any doctor at the survey may decide that youit is necessary to consult, which gives the manual therapist. The price of the services of this doctor may be different and depend on the skill level of the specialist. The most common diseases with which the doctor-manual therapist works:

  • Migraine.
  • An osteochondrosis with the expressed painful displays, with infringement of a sciatic nerve, a radiculitis and other.
  • Violation of posture.
  • Kyphosis.
  • Lordosis.
  • Herniated intervertebral.
  • Hypertension.
  • Vegetosovascular dystonia.
  • Scoliosis.

In most cases, a person can decide for himself,that he needs a consultation manual therapist. Anxious indicators can be: frequent headaches that occur when the head turns, dizziness, pain in the chest, joints, as well as stiffness of the spine and joints.

Contraindications for manual therapy include the following indicators:

  • Oncology.
  • Systemic diseases.
  • Osteoporosis.

When should I go to the manual therapist?

Do you need a manual therapist (the price of the servicesdoctor varies in Moscow from 700 to 1800 rubles. per session)? Listen to your body. If you notice the symptoms below, then you should think about visiting a bone carver:

  • During breathing, there is a feeling of stiffness.
  • There is numbness of the lower or upper limbs, their fingers.
  • Vertigo, as well as headaches with them.
  • Hearing, vision, memory problems.
  • When you turn the head there is a headache.

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How does the manual therapist go?

To understand how the reception of this doctor is possible, after reading any feedback. Manual therapist on the first admission necessarilylisten attentively to all your complaints. The doctor will find out whether you have internal diseases and various concomitant diseases. In addition, it is necessary to bring the following results to the doctor, if they are available:

  • CT of the spine.
  • MRI.
  • X-ray pictures.
  • The conclusion of the neurologist.

After studying them, the doctor will begin the examination. Know that manual therapy uses not only therapeutic, but diagnostic techniques. The doctor must use them at the first admission. Also the chiropractor will feel your spinal column with hands, determining all its deformations, bends, determine where the muscles are smaller, more tense, will determine hypertonicity. During the examination, the doctor may ask you to take this or that position (to lie down, stand, walk around), while at the same time he will carefully look.

What types of palpation are used by the manual therapist?

Ticks, surface, sliding, deep,plucked. Some types of techniques resemble massage movements, and this should not be surprised. Sometimes for the final decision on the choice of methods manual therapist (osteopath) can direct you to additional diagnostics. It can be LHC, HOW, CT, MRI of the spine, electromyography, X-ray of the spine.

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