Natural pharmacy: rare medicinal herbs and mushrooms

A natural pharmacy serves a person from time immemorialtimes. Healing plants and mushrooms are able to resist even the most severe ailments. Yes, and many modern medicines have a completely natural composition, which means that the effectiveness of a natural pharmacy is recognized by doctors. Of course, traditional medicine is most often an addition to the basic treatment, but in cases where the health of a person is at stake, one can not neglect any options. Especially when it comes to such serious problems as heart and vascular disease, abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney disease, etc., or such delicate as a violation of potency.

Rare Medicinal Herbs

Many plants have medicinal properties,but they are not advertised from TV screens, doctors do not appoint, and they often grow far beyond our country, and so few know about them. Among these natural healers is, for example, okra.



This one-year herbaceous plant comes from China. ethnoscience It is very well developed in this country, thereforeUsing okra people relieve from problems with digestion, colds, normalize potency, stabilize blood sugar level. The greatest value is represented by the fruits (pods) of this plant. Of these, most often prepare infusions.

For example, from coughing and hoarseness, you canget rid if 2 tbsp. l. dry crushed pods pour boiled water (0.5 liters) and infuse for 1.5 hours. After the infusion to filter, add a little honey and take at regular intervals (about 1.5 hours) for 1 tbsp. spoon.

There are medicinal herbs that have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, endocrine and genito-urinary. For example, tortoises.


Tribulus crooks

The fruits of this plant are used asa natural aphrodisiac, as a means of preventing atherosclerosis, restoring sleep and lowering cholesterol. The most popular decoction of anchor. If 1 tbsp. l. dry fruit pour a glass of boiling water and cook on a water bath for half an hour, you can get a very useful concentrated drink. Diluting it with water and taking half a cup daily, you can get rid of the problems associated with impaired potency. Herbal treatment is the simplest way to masculine and feminine health. Buy tributes creeping (tribulus) can be on


No less valuable tincture of the fruits of Sophora, it will return the vessels elasticity, purify the liver, eliminate intestinal diseases, angina and stomatitis.


It does not increase potency, but it helps women inthe period of menopause. Cooking medicinal composition is very simple. It is necessary 1 tbsp. l. dry fruit pour a glass of boiling water and let it brew for 12 hours. Use three times a day for 1 tbsp. l.


Mushrooms are no less famous and popular in folkmedicine than medicinal herbs. Among them, as usual for us - conditionally edible (chanterelles, shiitake, muer), and poisonous (fly agaric). They contain proteins, colloidal substances, microelements and immunomodulators. Mushrooms help to strengthen immunity, improve potency and sexual desire, reduce blood sugar.


In particular, the mushroom cordyceps can be classified as such. Its shredded shoots are used 2-3 times a day (1 serving = 3 grams). Therapeutic course lasts 3 months, preventive - 1 month.

Nowadays it's easy to find the right plants on specialized sites. On buy medicinal herbs and mushrooms and learna lot of useful information about their application will be available to anyone who is interested in traditional medicine. And these are the medicines that are given to us by nature itself. Therefore, they should not be rejected. They helped millions of people overcome a serious ailment. In addition, treatment with herbs can be successfully combined with medicinal, thus accelerating the process of recovery.

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