Dzerzhinsk city hospital: the activity of a medical institution

One of the medical institutions that have a largehistory, is the Dzerzhinsk city hospital. It has been functioning for many years, for which there have been dramatic changes. The fact is that before the hospital departments were in the monastery building. In the middle of the 60s of the last century the building of the medical institution was reconstructed. It housed a hospital and a polyclinic. At the same time, two more hospital buildings were created. One of them was intended for small patients, and the other became a women's consultation. A few years later, the Dzerzhinsk City Hospital expanded. In operation, polyclinics for children and adults were introduced. Nowadays the city hospital of Dzerzhinsk is a large medical institution, in which there are all necessary departments.

Dzerzhinsk city hospital

Structure of the institution

The Dzerzhinsk City Hospital hasstationary, polyclinic, diagnostic and specialized departments. Each of them receives a lot of patients. The hospital is multidisciplinary and includes 8 specialized departments. The total number of patients placed in it is 315 people. In addition, patients have the opportunity to receive medical care at the level of a day hospital, which has 14 beds. The medical institution has 2 polyclinics, one of which works for the adult population, and the other accepts children. A separate building is gynecology, which has its own women's consultation. Among the profile departments of the hospital can be noted the following:

  • dentistry;
  • emergency;
  • Department of Physiotherapy;
  • laboratory;
  • separation of ultrasound and radiation diagnosis;
  • endoscopy research room;
  • separation of functional diagnostics.

Dzerzhinsk city hospital electronic registry

Entry to the city hospital of Dzerzhinsk

The medical institution is located at: Lenin street, house 30. The phone number of the city hospital Dzerzhinsk: 8 (495) 551-30-11. Enroll in a medical institution can be in the registry. In addition, it is possible to establish the time of reception of specialists on the Internet, on the website of the medical institution "Dzerzhinskaya City Hospital". The electronic registry is another way that patients can register with a doctor. To learn about the days and times of reception using the Internet is very convenient, as some patients travel far to the medical institution, because the hospital examines people not only from Dzerzhinsk itself, but also from the nearest settlements.

Dzerzhinsk city hospital gynecological department

Department of Gynecology and Women's Advice

The gynecological corpus is available in the hospital fromthe moment of its foundation. This division belongs to the whole building. It provides assistance to patients with various diseases of the reproductive system, as well as to pregnant and puerperas. Women's consultation is also a part of such a medical institution as the Dzerzhinsk city hospital. Gynecological department, according to many patients, is characterized by a cozy environment and modern diagnostic equipment. In addition, women who were in this building of the hospital were satisfied with the attention of doctors and nurses.

Patients' comments about the medical institution

Dzerzhinskaya city hospital every daytakes a large number of people. This applies both to the hospital itself and to polyclinic institutions for adults and children. Patients from all parts of the city and neighboring districts note the highly professional activity of doctors and the great possibilities of the diagnostic department. Visiting the hospital remains not only the adult population, but also children.

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