Anticoagulant "Xarelto": instructions for use and description

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The drug "Xarelto" instructions for usecharacterizes as a means, which is an anticoagulant of direct action. At the same time, this drug is based on direct inhibition of factor Xa. In addition, this preparation has a rather high selectivity. As for its pharmacokinetics, it is very rapidly absorbed, reaching a maximum concentration in the blood after two to four hours after oral administration. If we talk about the characteristics of the withdrawal of this highly selective drug, then together with urine and feces, about 92-95% of the Xarelto medication is excreted. Instructions for use (the price, by the way, for this remedy is about 1500 rubles), notes that the remainder leaves the body unchanged through renal excretion.

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This anticoagulant is produced in the form of roundtablets of dark pink or reddish-brown color, containing in their composition ten, fifteen or twenty milligrams of micronized rivaroxaban. Auxiliary components are such substances as croscarmellose sodium, sodium lauryl sulfate, hypromellose 5cP, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and lactose monohydrate. The composition of the shell includes titanium dioxide, macrogol 3350 and red iron oxide. In addition, a small volume contains hypromellose 5cP.

Assign Xarelto tabletsuse mainly recommends patients who have previously undergone surgical interventions on the lower extremities. For this category of people, this anticoagulant will act as an effective preventive tool for the development of venous thromboembolism in the future. In addition, the drug "Xarelto" is excellent for preventing relapses of DVT and PE. It should also be used to prevent stroke in people with non-valvular atrial fibrillation. To prevent the development of systemic thromboembolism and therapy for deep vein thrombosis and acute blockage of the pulmonary artery, the use of the Xarelto tablets is also recommended.

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Use this anticoagulant strictlycontraindicated in people with gastrointestinal, intracranial or any other types of bleeding, severe form of renal failure, or intolerance to galactose. If the patient has an increased sensitivity to rivaroxaban or an allergic reaction to other excipients presented in the formulation, it is also not necessary to take Xarelto. Instructions for use categorically prohibit prescribing it during pregnancy. Contraindications are also lactose intolerance, administration of other anticoagulants, liver disease accompanied by coagulopathy, and conditions associated with a high risk of major bleeding. In addition, you should not take this medicine for breastfeeding women and persons under the age of eighteen.

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