Indian melodrama is the spirit of India

Cinematography of India is a grandioseA unique phenomenon, which has no analogues in the whole world. It is primarily self-sufficient, because Indian cinemas are in great demand and are always full of people. In addition, Indian cinema is original, despite the fact that it was influenced historically by the influence of other schools. Always in their films we see actions taking place either in India or directly with its people. Indian cinema is always a theatrical-musical theater, which requires enhanced professional training of actors.

Indian melodrama

A city that is truly consideredthe cinematic capital of the whole world - Mumbai. His studios are united by the general concept of "Bollywood". The number of films shot for the year even bypasses American cinema. Annually Bollywood studios produce more than 200 paintings, mostly in Hindi.

Indian melodrama

One of the guidelines in Indian cinemaoccupy melodramas that reveal the trembling, sensual spiritual world of their heroes. They are always especially emotional, show the contrast between good and evil, love and hate. Indian melodramas are always characterized by a sharp intrigue, which is accompanied by strong emotions of the characters and is revealed only at the very end. Such films are always spectacular, extremely entertaining and characterized by sentimentality. There are a lot of music, dances, comic situations, fights, scenes of unrequited love. At the same time, Indian melodrama is filled with excessive kindness, romance, sincere devotion. It is always good, love and beauty conquer evil.

the best Indian melodramas

Favorite Indian melodrama of past years

We all remember and still look with genuineinterest paintings such as "Bobby", "Zita and Gita", "Disco Dancer", "Dance, Dance!" and many others. Films of love, conveying the national flavor, have become the hallmark of Bollywood. The game of contrasts is inherent in every picture of this amazing country. Good and evil, shine and poverty, sadness and unrestrained fun, vice and purity - that's all that attracts us in Indian films.

The best Indian melodramas of our time

The best Indian melodramas that have long"The beauty of the slums," "The Fiery Path," "The Passion of Love," "180 Days Without Rules," "The Seasons," "So Love Comes," "Anatomy of Love," "And in Joy, and in sadness "," Aladdin "," Dream Girl "," Crazy Heart "," Two Strangers "," Jodha and Akbar "," Trust "," Kites "," All I Give To You "and many others.

Indian melodrama 2013

The best Indian melodrama 2013

In 2013, the screens turned out a lot of Indianpaintings. The best of them are "Love" by Manisha Tiwari, "Chennai Express" by Rohita Shetty, "The real Indian novel" by Manisha Sharma, "Girls and Fun" by Bhanu Shankar, "Speaks and shows Bombay" by the directors Karan Johar, Zoe Akkhrat and others. Indian melodrama is rapidly conquering the world, gaining increasing popularity from year to year. But Bollywood remains true to itself, its traditions, customs, passing local flavor in their paintings.

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