The composition of water and human health ... How strong is this relationship?

In the world practice, water quality is judged bybased on one hundred biochemical indicators. Of course, it is unrealistic to constantly check the composition of water for each of these indicators to make sure that it is suitable for drinking purposes.

Do not think that our houses are servedwater, which is much dirtier than natural sources. After getting into the city water supply network, it goes through several stages of purification and preparation, as a result of which the composition of drinking water is brought to a state that satisfies the sanitary and epidemiological regulatory requirements.

Composition of water
The main problem is that constantlynot only volumes, but also the number of elements polluting the water of lakes and rivers increase. Affect the state of water and our old water supply systems, where even after very good cleaning the water again receives a certain amount of pollution. Therefore, the development of new water treatment systems is given more and more effort and attention.

The authorities are monitoring the biochemical composition of waterconstantly and find ways to bring it into the state required by sanepidnorms. But this is not the only problem related to water quality. Having studied the chemical composition of water in rivers and water bodies, the scientists were convinced that it is different in different geographical latitudes. Differences are quite extensive, because everything depends on the presence of minerals, salts and other soluble substances lying in the earth's crust. In some places, water contains an excess of mineral substances, and in some cases it does not even have a minimum set of minerals.

Composition of sea water
Thus, the composition of sea water is an obvious exampleexcess content in water of salts, minerals and products of vital activity of the underwater world. In lakes formed on the places of melted glaciers, water contains very little dissolved mineral substances, including calcium and magnesium salts.

People who consume water from such sources,the deficiency of these useful trace elements is formed in the body, which negatively affects the state of health. To negative consequences leads and increased mineralization of water, although "hard water" is easier to lead to the optimal chemical composition, using the usual boiling and filtration. As for "soft water", then for a long time no one paid due attention to it.

Composition of drinking water
Therefore, the inhabitants of Scandinavian countries, the NorthernThe Urals and the shores of the Onega and Ladoga lakes use water with a low content of minerals throughout their lives, without even realizing that such a water composition leads to the development of a number of diseases, including osteochondrosis, rickets and hypertension. For a long time, physicians and environmental services treated "soft" water very favorably, believing that it gives less health risks than highly mineralized water. But it turned out that the residents of these regions are very quickly destroyed tooth enamel, women are identified more pathologies during pregnancy. There are other factors that are unfavorable for health.

Nowadays in many countries of the worldthe chemical composition of water becomes the main problem. The authorities understand that the quality of fresh drinking water is the cornerstone of a healthy population and a safe life of people.

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