Nutrition for sports girls: we become beautiful and healthy! The right sports nutrition for women

Nutrition for sports girls is not necessarymeans the addition of a daily diet of various supplements and pharmaceuticals. These are the usual products, but in the right concentration and from which harmful ingredients are removed. At the same time, the amount of nutrients in these products is maximized.

food for sports girls

Sports nutrition for women should contain10% of fats and carbohydrates, and the remaining 90% are proteins that are necessary for the growth of muscle tissue. Also included in the diet are vitamins, amino acids, protein and geyners, which are good for health and have no contraindications to use. Replacing special food your diet is not necessary, it is much more correct to add it to your daily menu. This will help you to strengthen your health, increase muscle mass, improve athletic performance and achieve the correct metabolism.

Features of the metabolism of the female body

Food for sports girls is slightly differentfrom the diet of male representatives. Women very often face difficulties in choosing these or those additives. The natural features of the female body are such that the fatty layer of the girls is formed much faster, the fats accumulate in reserve, but they are consumed more slowly. Therefore, sports nutrition for women should take into account these features. The female organism can be in a state of sleep for a long time and wake up only at moments of severe stress. In a stressful state, there is a feeling of hunger, and during this period the girls become more active, the overall index of physical activity increases.

sports nutrition for women

Very often diet does not bringexpected results, and women cease to adhere to all sorts of diets. This is due to the fact that in normal daily life and the usual routine, the products are not fully digested. But as soon as the girl starts to watch herself, the percentage of assimilation increases instantly. Consequently, limiting themselves to food, the fairer sex is not receiving the right amount of nutrients. This problem will help to solve sports nutrition: how to eat properly and get all the necessary microelements and vitamins for the body.

Sports and Girls

To ensure that the products are fully absorbed,women in the first place need to go in for sports. In this case, the body will compensate for the caloric deficit by increasing the percentage of assimilation of elements from food and splitting of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, for weight loss you need to combine special physical exercises and nutrition for sports girls, which is designed to ensure that the young ladies as much as possible lose weight.

sports nutrition how to eat properly

Choosing the right products

Food for sports girls is aa complex of ingredients that can satisfy the feeling of hunger and do no harm to the body. At the same time, you can eat deliciously and adhere to a diet. But there are products that are mistakenly considered useful for diets, for example, yogurt. In the composition of any yogurt there are carbohydrates, which are consumed by the body in training, and then the subcutaneous fat remains in place. You can not eat fruit after exercise. Yes, they have a lot of vitamins, but no less carbohydrates. And you need to remember that carbohydrates are energy. It is recommended to eat cereals in small quantities and only in the morning.

sports nutrition menu for women

Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of thefast-digestible kinds of protein. It differs from ordinary products in that it is instantly split in the body immediately after ingestion. During the day, there are times when the body needs a quick replenishment of amino acids, and whey protein is able to provide it. But chicken breasts, eggs and meat, which also contain protein, can not do this, because these products are very long digested, and the effectiveness of the protein is significantly reduced. In addition, there are peptides in the serum that improve the flow of blood to the muscle fibers, which is especially important before training. Therefore, the nutrition of sports girls should include whey protein. Take it in the morning before meals, before and after training.

sports proper nutrition for losing weight

Recommendations for compiling a menu of sports nutrition for women

When drawing up the menu, you need to consider what to lose weightbest with an average calorie diet. Take food about six times a day. Diet for sports girls should include complex carbohydrates, which are in the composition of vegetables, fruits, cereals. In every meal of a girl there must be protein, since this element is needed to maintain a normal level of metabolism, to prevent the onset of hunger and the development of muscle tissue.

Approximately the menu of the diet of sports girls

For breakfast: muesli with yogurt or yogurt, broth of wild rose and fruit.

The second breakfast: a little low-fat cottage cheese with fruits and cinnamon.

For lunch: pasta and porridge with soy sauce, fish, meat, vegetables and tea.

Afternoon snack: a protein cocktail.

Additional snack: kefir or yogurt, you can eat fruit.

For dinner: a dish with vegetables, a salad, a little chicken breast and a broth of a dogrose.

If we talk about the necessary quantity of liquid inthe daily diet of athletes, then you must definitely drink water, at least two or three liters a day, as water plays a big role in the assimilation of carbohydrates, proteins and cleanses the body of toxins. In addition, water does not allow dehydration of the body and improves the effect of taking sports supplements. Experts in the field of sports nutrition advise during training to drink not pure water, but an aqueous solution of glucose.

Special supplements for sports nutrition

Female athletes should pay special attention togive food additives. Approximately thirty minutes after the end of training muscles actively absorb proteins and carbohydrates to restore the destroyed fibers. If after the workout take appropriate supplements, then the effectiveness of the training will significantly increase.

Basically, after physical exertion, there is no desireuse ordinary food, so you can restore strength with the help of those same additives. For example, to drink a protein or carbohydrate-protein cocktail, in each serving of which contains up to 70 grams of protein. You can use to replenish the body and powdered food substitutes. They are very convenient, because they quickly restore strength and do not need to be cooked.

In the modern market you can buy the mosta variety of supplements, which include vitamins, amino acids and minerals. When compiling a diet, it is imperative that the sports nutrition vitamins for women contain. In addition, the daily diet of a sports girl should be balanced and diverse. Only with this approach can you expect a good result.

Means for sports nutrition

Slimming is very important for sports nutrition forgirls, fat burners are the first in the chain of these funds. They are released in the form of capsules, and they need to be taken, adhering to a certain scheme. Fat burners in the diet are needed in order to speed up the metabolism and increase calorie intake. In addition, this agent helps to increase the temperature, and fat deposits result in fission faster. Also faster is the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body.

sports nutrition vitamins for women

As active components of fat-burningdrugs, as a rule, used substances such as caffeine, guarana and green tea extract. It is worth noting that fat burners also have certain contraindications. They are not recommended for people with cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and thyroid problems.

sports nutrition for girls fat burners

Combination of sports nutrition and training

Take care of your health and improvethe figure is not so simple. This business is complex and time-consuming. So do not give up if training does not bring the desired effect. It only means that your body adapts, and you need to look for new ways to fight excess weight. By combining sports proper nutrition for weight loss and exercise, you do not leave your body with any opportunity to keep supplies of subcutaneous fat. And your dream of having a bold and tight body becomes achievable. The main thing is to stick to the chosen diet and exercise regularly. It is worth noting that it is not superfluous to consult about the right menu with nutritionists and make a program of training with the coach.

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