Solar panels in our life

Alternative power sources are increasingly activeenter our everyday life. Companies and enterprises are interested in using them. The policy of many states is aimed at replacing traditional sources of electricity, which have certain shortcomings, alternative. Such devices are characterized by good performance characteristics and their use is advisable in the modern world. A good example can serve as solar batteries, on the basis of which whole solar power stations are built. Such devices are widely used in electronics, as an autonomous power source for many household appliances.

solar panels

The sun is a giant source of energy,which can be fully adapted for our needs. As a result of nuclear fusion, a star generates in such a one-second time as many thermal, electromagnetic and other forms of energy that it would be possible to provide the entire humanity for half a million years ahead. Modern solar panels are currently transforming an infinitesimal part of this radiation.

Without going into the technical details of the worksuch devices, it is possible to briefly consider the principle of action on which solar batteries operate. It is quite simple: they convert the energy of radiation into electrical energy, which is transferred to working devices or accumulates in storage batteries.

laptop solar panels
Modern solar panels differ in thecapacity, design features and scope. A good example of their use can serve as an ordinary lantern, designed for street lighting. It does not need to run a power cable, it does not consume electricity. With its help it is possible to solve the problem of lighting in the dark.

In addition, autonomous power suppliesmobile enough and widely used far from cities, for example, in hiking or exploratory expeditions. Solar batteries for the laptop will provide a full charge of the battery of the device. Their use is expedient far from the main power sources. The size of the battery is optimized for the average user and its transportation will not cause problems. They are distinguished in power, they can easily be used as a constant source of power during the daytime, for example, for a radio receiver.

efficiency of solar panels
At present, work is under way to increaseEfficiency of solar panels. Recall that the theoretical limit on the efficiency for such devices does not exceed 43 percent. The rest of the energy is spent on useless heating of the panels, which worsens not only their technical characteristics. Excessive heating of the device reduces its service life and can disable the battery. With the increase in efficiency, additional opportunities are opened to reduce the area used and, accordingly, this will affect the overall dimensions.

The appearance on the market of devices providinghousehold appliances by alternative sources of energy, radically changes the very idea of ​​their application. Independence from the supply network provides additional opportunities for the average consumer.

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