Ringworm from people. Symptoms of infection

Lishay is a skin disease that can be found both in humans and in animals, from which the infection occurs. The infection is transmitted easily, but the treatment process is very long.

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In medical practice, the name "lichen" includesin itself some varieties of dermatoses. The cause of these pathologies are certain viruses, microbes, as well as microscopic fungi. The lichen in people whose symptoms are depending on the type of infection, manifests a rash that collects in the scaly blemishes. A sign of the disease can be small itchy nodules. Sometimes the infection manifests itself in the form of inflammatory foci.

The course of the disease is often wavy and unpredictable. The pathology can suddenly cease, and a fairly long period may develop - several months.

Ringworm in people whose symptoms arefind their manifestation on the nail plates, the head, and also the smooth skin, is caused by a parasitic infection inside the hair. It is called anthropophilic trichophyton. The main sign of this type of lichen is the scaly pink spots, covered with white-gray scales. In the focus of infection, you can observe the thinning of hair and their broken remains. The patient has an itch and a deterioration in the state of health.

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Differentiated are the lichen in humans. Pink, for example, develops from a single hearth. The core of the newly formed patch of pathology begins to peel and turn yellow with time. Then, over a period lasting several days, new foci appear on the hips, chest and shoulders. They look like small spots. At the patient thus there is an easy itch. This pathology is provoked by the herpes virus, which belongs to the seventh type.

Varied (lichen) lichen in humans,the symptoms of which can be recognized by peeling spots that have a clear boundary and are painted white or reddish-brown, often become a consequence of hormonal imbalance. On the background of tuberculosis, Cushing's syndrome, diabetes, oncology or pregnancy, this pathology is caused by a special kind of fungus - Pityrosporum ovale. In this case, the infection is easily transmitted through the patient or his things.

Tinea in people whose symptoms arefind their manifestation in a febrile state, severe headaches, inflammation of the skin and deterioration of well-being, can result from chronic stress and fatigue, oncology and the fall of the body's immune defense. This pathology is caused by the Herpes zoster virus, which has a negative effect on the vital activity of nerve cells. When herpes zoster on the chest, a person develops a bubble rash filled with transparent contents. After some time these neoplasms wither, the process of their peeling begins. At the same time, the general intoxication of the body decreases, pain syndromes decrease.

Flat (red) lichen in a person whose photoyou see below, it appears on the mucous membranes, nails and skin. Its main feature is nodules with a depressed core. With red deprivation, the patient complains of severe itching. The area of ​​this type of pathology is axillary hollows, lower abdomen, forearms, loins and elbows.

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Always remember that lichen is a contagious disease. In this regard, when suspicions of the occurrence of pathology should immediately seek advice from a dermatologist.

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