The drug "Lipikar" (balm)

"Lipikar" (balm) - is in demandtoday is a cosmetic product produced in France. This drug for the body restores lipids, quickly softens any skin and relieves itching, and also provides comfort for a long time. For this many people appreciate and love this tool. The effectiveness of the tool can not be doubted.

Indications for use

Moisturizing balm is specially formulated for dry and excessively dry skin. Age restrictions do not exist. Balsam is ideal for both adults and babies.

The composition of the drug "Lipikar" (balm)

The composition of the agent comprises lipid bodies havinga kind of microcapsules, and oleosomes. Oleosomes - a transit system for dynamic transport and the best penetration into the epidermis of active molecules and particles of karite oil (natural wound healing extract at a concentration of 20%). It should be noted that "Lipikar" (balm) is produced on the basis of thermal water called "La Rosh Pose". It has lipid-enhancing properties, guaranteeing the restoration of the protective barrier of the skin. This product does not contain perfume fragrances, but it contains canola oil, omega-6 fatty acids and Omega-3, which help restore elasticity and softness of the skin.

Application of balm

Cosmetic "Lipicar Balsam"It is recommended to apply infants, children of different ages and adults to irritated or dry areas of the skin. It is important to note that the drug should only be spread on the skin that has been cleaned beforehand (best of all, a product that does not contain soap).

Balm is used once or several times a day, depending on the recommendation of a dermatologist.

The effectiveness of balm Scorad:

- reduction of skin irritations - 57%;

- decrease in severity and complexity of atopic dermatitis - 58%;

- improvement of sleep - 72%;

- reduction of skin itching - 82%;

- moisturizing the skin throughout the day - 85%;

- ease of use - 76%;

- ease of application - 94%.

It should be explained that SCORing Atopic Dermatitis is an international system for assessing the symptoms and causes of atopic dermatitis.

The action of the "Lipikar" (balm)

As is known, the main problem of dry skin isreduction of its protective functions. This results in a high susceptibility to allergens and external irritants. On this skin begins to respond accordingly, i.e. there is severe itching, a feeling of tightness and tingling. This leads to excessive combing and even more damage to the skin surface.

Thanks to the innovative formula, the drug "Lipikar" (balm) instantly relieves itching, makes the skin softer and returns a sense of comfort, thus preventing the appearance of any scratching.

The complex of substances (high concentration) included in the preparation interferes with the reduction of the protective properties of the skin, helps to resist bacterial agents and external irritants.

Non-sticky, low-fat, quickly absorbed texture of the drug is quite pleasant to use. The action lasts for 24 hours a day, and it's impressive.

To learn more about any product, you needto take an interest of opinion of consumers. The agent "Lipikar" (balm) reviews are favorable. Even at the beginning of the use of the preparation, the improvement of the skin condition is already noticeable, and after a long application a significant increase in the quality of the epidermis is observed. As the world practice shows, most dermatologists for allergenic skin are advised to use the drug "Lipikar Balzam Up".

We live in the era of the Internet, so learn the feedbackabout any product or to share your own can be on various sites. About the drug "Lipikar" (balm), the opinions of consumers converge - this is a quality and effective tool for caring for dry skin.

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