I wonder how many years the girl grows up?

When a girl turns 11-12 years old, sheSurprisingly sees on the school line September 1 is that many peers have already outstripped it in growth on the head, or vice versa - are much behind. It is very conspicuous and makes you worry. The girl may think that she will remain the same as now, for life, that is, now everyone will be teased with a shortie. Or vice versa: go to her in the heat for the rest of her days, or at least - the school. For girls, one more problem does not give rest: someone already flaunts the grown breast, and someone still looks like an angular child. Let's discuss to begin with, how many years a girl grows up.

how many years is a girl growing up
Each person grows in severalstages. It is this stage of boys and girls experiencing at 11-14 years. And if we talk about how many years the girl grows, then the female first stage of growth comes earlier - at about 11 years. At this time, a complete restructuring of the whole organism takes place, all bones and internal organs grow, and sometimes it happens swiftly: it would seem that it was just a small one, but suddenly it became 10 cm higher. During the same period, puberty occurs. In girls, it also begins earlier. So, do not be surprised if you suddenly notice that at this age the breast began to grow. Also during this period there is one more event related to the growth of the body - the girls start menstruating. And if suddenly you worry that the body shapes are still the same for you, and the girls already boast of roundness, it's not worth it. The time, how many years the breasts grow in girls, are very different: for some, this process lasts up to 20 years, and even longer.

how many years is growing
The second period of human growth is justfor 20 years. Then all the organs have been formed, and the restructuring of the nervous and circulatory systems begins. This period is already the same for both boys and girls, because the difference in maturation is going away for years to 17. By the way, some experts, answering the question "how many years is a girl growing," say that up to 20. After that, all the processes in the body gradually slow down. However, not all. Here, the role of heredity also plays a role in which ethnic group a person belongs to. So, Asians mature a little later, although their growth in comparison with Europe, as a rule, is lower. And this applies to how long the guy grows. Well, you should ask your parents before they grow up. It usually depends on the genes, how long the body will continue to grow.

how many years is the boy growing up
But in African countries this process is the reverseaccelerated: at 14-16 years old boys and girls are already considered full-fledged adults who are ready to start their own families. And in the middle between them are Europeans. The average figure, how many years a girl grows in our region, as in all of Europe, is 25-27 years. It is to this age that the growth of the skeleton, muscles ceases, and the body acquires the final parameters, some of which will remain unchanged for a long time, for example, growth. So if you are below the age of your peers, there is no cause for concern: you still have time left to catch up and overtake them.

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