Honey massage is a sweet benefit to the body

A modern woman paying attention to herbody and health, most often from all types of procedures, the massage is preferred as effective and useful. Today, his rich choice is impressive. Fashion trends have brought incredible combinations of the process itself with exotic curiosities. Against this backdrop honey massage is favorably distinguished by the use of a classic product, the value of which is beyond doubt.

honey massage

A unique natural product of honey, known withimmemorial times, does not cease to amaze with a beneficial effect on the human body. Massage with its use successfully copes with several tasks.

Cleansing the skin. Honey massage contains elements of active peeling, which increases the blood flow and tone of the massaged areas.

Absorption of toxins. No cosmetic product has such an ability to absorb toxins. This is evidenced by dirty flakes on the body, formed after 15 minutes of massage. As a result - elastic and elastic skin.

Nutrition with vitamins and minerals. Due to the ability to quickly absorb the skin, honey delivers useful substances into the body in an unchanged form. Easily absorbed into the blood, they participate in the metabolism.

honey massage for the face

Therapeutic effect on internal organs. Honey massage prescribed by doctors for protracted diseases of the respiratory system, joint diseases, osteochondrosis. A special role is assigned to him in cases of sleep disorders, neurasthenia, mental and physical overwork.

Any natural honey in liquid form is suitable for massage. The crystallized product is pre-melted in a water bath.

An important condition for honey massage is a preliminary warming up massage to increase blood supply. As a rule, massagers are used for this.

After this, proceed to the main process. If desired, honey can be added essential oils that enhance this or that effect. For respiratory organs eucalyptus oil is suitable, as a soothing - lavender, and citrus helps to get rid of cellulite.

At the first stage of the massage, the body rubs and massages with honey. Further, when the honey thickens, rubbing becomes impossible, proceed to the second stage.

honey massage contraindications

At this stage, massage is performedsticking-out hands of the masseur. It is recommended to periodically change the technique of action. Hands are pulled back sharply and then softly. In addition, use not only the entire palm, but also its parts (fingers, ribs).

The time spent on one part of the body is about 10 minutes. Further dirty flakes are washed with a hot towel, the massaged area is covered with a hot compress and proceeds to the next one.

The mandatory final stage is a warmshower. The fact is that in the spent honey contains a large number of toxins, stretched from the skin. After a while, the reverse absorption of their part occurs. After showering, it is necessary to lubricate the skin with a moisturizing cream.

Honey massage for the face is an excellent remedy for sluggish, dull and wrinkled skin.

Apply the honey to the peeled leaves and leave for 10 minutes. Then massage with lightly tapping movements of fingers. After 15 minutes, gray, thick honey is washed off with a sponge dampened with water.

Honey massage confidently competes with expensive means for the body. His result - even, elastic, healthy skin - adds the number of his admirers.

The question naturally arises as to whether honey massage has contraindications.

Yes, they are the following ailments: asthma, varicose veins, elevated body temperature, the presence of tumors and individual intolerance to honey.

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