Choose glasses: protective means for your health

Long work at the computer, communication insocial networks, viewing your favorite TV series on-line or frequent conversations on Skype - no matter how we use your PC, most of us, one way or another, have to watch a bright screen for several hours a day.

If you add to this also the viewing of evening TV programs, TV news programs or simply DVDs, reading your favorite book before going to bed - the load on the eyes during the day turns out to be quite impressive.

Protective spectacles

A logical question arises: how to use all the benefits of civilization, work, study, actively communicate and yet not harm your health and beauty? It's no secret that the red tired eyes will not hide any make-up, and the use of contact lenses will only complicate the situation.

Periodic excessive eye strain can lead to conjunctivitis, headache, visual impairment, and, as a result, impairment of overall well-being and increased irritability.

Fortunately, humanity has long been concernedsimilar problem. With the popularization of freelancing as the main mode of income, as well as all kinds of Internet earnings, the total number of PC users has significantly increased.

The number one tool in the list of assistants in handling electronic equipment are glasses: goggles for working with a computer. What are they and how do they differ from ordinary glasses?

Protective goggles are special lenses for whichby means of vacuum deposition, so-called interference filters are applied in several layers. The principle of filters explores quite simply: "harmful" (glare) parts of the spectrum are blocked and "necessary" are skipped.

Safety glasses for computer

Computer glasses, the protective properties of whichhelp to maximally protect your eyes from the brightness of the monitor - this is the right solution for those who care about their eyes. On the shelves of optics stores a wide range of similar products is presented. Bright, neutral, male, female, unisex - all protective glasses for the computer (or goggles from the computer) are arranged according to one principle, only the shape, color and style of the frame change.

Of course, great importance is attached to the place of purchase and firm-manufacturer. However, this advice applies not only to buying glasses.

Safety glasses from the computer

However, that's not all. You should also consider other criteria by which you should choose points. Protective filters can be applied to both optical lenses and conventional ones. It is also important to take into account contraindications, peculiarities of eye structure, possible pathologies and individual perception of color.

Glasses for a computer - this is a useful invention is notonly for adults. Children need an optical "shield" no less. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that ordinary glasses for sight are not suitable for work or games at the computer: optical lenses do not allow the eyes to perceive a quality computer font and do not protect the eyes from light flashes.

protective glasses

In addition to the protective glasses,take care of the eyes also help vitamin and moisturizing drops for the eyes (sold in pharmacies), vitamin complexes with elderberry and blueberries, capsules with fish oil.

Taking care of your health is an integral partlife of modern man. Fortunately, medicine and technology of the 21st century provide for these purposes a wide range of means that the lazy can not take advantage of.

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