Fat Burner "Black Mamba": reviews of girls

Losing weight is a long and exhausting process likefor men and for women. Not many people manage to get rid of excess weight quickly and without consequences. The modern market of drugs for weight loss offers consumers a fat burner "Black Mamba", reviews about its use, its composition and contraindications to use will be discussed below.

What is the "Black Mamba"?

The full name of the tool is Black Mamba Hyperrush,it is manufactured by Innovative Diet Labs, it is imported to Russia and other countries from the USA. The preparation is issued in the form of capsules of black color with a picture of a snake engraved on each of them. Stimulation of the nervous system, blockage of adrenoreceptors, removal of excess fluid from the body - that's what the fat burner "Black Mamba" is for.

fat burner black mamba reviews

Reviews about the tool are quite contradictory,there are both positive and negative. This is due primarily to improper use of the drug, as well as the purchase of non-original goods. Before buying the product, it is worth considering that "Black Mamba" is a fat burner with a very strong effect that affects the entire body.

Cost of preparation

This tool has a fairly high price forRussia - about 3000-4000 rubles per package (90 capsules). The cost of the drug is related to the dollar rate, as the "Black Mamba" is produced abroad.


The main active substance of the drug is complex"Corex" (CoreX), its content in the Black Mamba Hyperrush is 65mg. Athletes' comments on this component means that it is a natural substitute for synthetic ephedrine, a stimulant of the nervous system, the reception of which contributes to weight loss.

The complex "Korex" includes:

  • Tannins.
  • Siderum heart extract (20%).
  • Vasicinol.
  • Vasicinone.
  • Phytosterols.

black mamba fat burner

In addition, the "Black Mamba", fat burner and power engineer, contains:

  • The Thermo Extend complex, consisting of evodiamine,thiamine, cinephrine, extract of the Indian cactus of carallum, yohimbine, extract of serrate plauna. The complex contains 180 mg per capsule.
  • Anhydrous caffeine is 200 milligrams per capsule.
  • Aminocomplex, consisting of phenylolanine and its derivatives, as well as beta-aminoethylamine.

Fat Burner "Black Mamba", reviews aboutthe effectiveness of which is that, due to the active substances entering into the preparation, the weight decreases rapidly, and the muscles become more prominent, is quite effective. According to some athletes, Black Mamba has no analogues among drugs of similar action and composition.

How it works

The use of the drug helps to reduceexcess weight, saturation of the body with energy. According to the manufacturer, "Black Mamba" helps to lose weight not only for professional bodybuilders, athletes, sportsmen, but also for ordinary people, who resort to moderate physical exertion.

Principle of the drug:

  • Anhydrous caffeine, getting into the body, enhances the action of neurostimulators, while accelerating lipolysis, body temperature rises, the number of processed calories increases significantly.
  • The analogue of the extract of geranium (beta-aminoethylamine) improves the work of the brain, helps to concentrate on the task. Couple with caffeine contributes to the splitting of the fatty layer.

black mamba fat burner reviews

  • Extract of the heart syday normalizes the work of the digestive tract, reduces appetite, thereby facilitating compliance with any restrictions in nutrition.
  • Evodiamin, yohimbine, synephrine accelerate metabolic processes in the body, increase body temperature.

Improving memory and thinking processes,restoration of normal functioning of the stomach and intestines, assistance in splitting fat stores - all this makes the fat burner "Black Mamba". Reviews about the application of the funds are mostly confirmation.

How to take the drug correctly

According to the instructions on the package, the remedy forweight loss is used in the form of exchange therapy. During the first 4 days, one capsule should be taken until 12 noon, 40-50 minutes before meals. On the fourth and subsequent days, the dose is doubled - another capsule is drunk before the second meal. If you feel worse, the lunch dose is canceled. The maximum course of taking the drug is 2 months.

Throughout the course therapy, tea, coffee, Coca-Cola, various dietary supplements containing stimulants (guarana, mate extract) are prohibited.

fat burner black mamba reviews of girls

Whatever effect is achieved withuse of the means, yet a full-value diet does not replace the drug "Black Mamba". The fat burner, whose reviews say it is highly effective, does not work without adherence to a special diet. It should be introduced at least two weeks before the start of use of the drug, its compliance is mandatory throughout the time of taking the drug. To achieve significant results, the body needs a balanced low-calorie diet when using the "Black Mamba".

Contraindications and side effects

As with any drug for "drying", BlackMamba has contraindications for use. Admission of funds is prohibited for persons who have not reached adulthood, pregnant and lactating women, people who have a history of hypertension, heart disease, liver, kidneys, central nervous system, people who are allergic to the components of the drug.

fat burner black mamba reviews of girls negative

During the use of a fat burner, the following side effects are possible:

  • muscle soreness, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea;
  • loss of appetite, anorexia;
  • tachycardia and pain in the heart;
  • headache, high blood pressure;
  • swelling;
  • deterioration of vision.

If any of the side effects are identified, it is necessary to cancel the drug and consult a doctor.

The fat burner "Black Mamba". Reviews of girls

Negative responses associated with admissionmeans for weight loss, most of them leave the ladies. Many of them do not use force and diet in addition to taking "Black Mamba", which ultimately affects the result. Some of them simply did not take into account all the characteristics of their body or started using fanaticism to take capsules in order to quickly get rid of excess weight.

fat burner black mamba hyperrush reviews

Negative responses contain the following information:

  • After the course of taking Black Mamba capsules, the lost weight returned.
  • Stimulation of the heart, caused by the use of the "Black Mamba", provoked the development of chronic tachycardia.
  • Without physical exertion the drug is absolutely useless, for the entire course of admission the initial weight did not change.

Negative, directed towards the means,is due to its effect on the body. When using the "Black Mamba" it is worth remembering that this is a big burden on all human organs. The fat burner Black Mamba Hyperrush, feedback about which exists and is positive, according to the opinion of the majority of consumers, with proper use does not cause serious harm to the body.

Positive feedback on the drug:

  • For one course of use, weight loss was 14 kg, while always feeling a surge of strength and energy.
  • Thanks to the "Black Mamba" diet became easier to tolerate.
  • Sports and taking capsules helped to remove excess fluid from the body and make the muscles more impressive.
  • Endurance has appeared, attention has improved.

black mamba hyperrush 65mg reviews

The fat burner "Black Mamba", reviews of girls about which confirm its effectiveness, allows you to get rid of extra pounds without excessive physical activity.

How to complete the Black Mamba reception course

Since after drug cancellation a person canbegin to fall into depression, lack strength and drowsiness, then experts recommend a smooth reduction in caloric intake and exercise. Then you need to gradually increase the amount of calories in food, otherwise the lost weight can quickly return. In connection with the toxicity of the liver of beta-aminoethylamine after completion of the "drying" is recommended to undergo treatment with hepatoprotectors.

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