How to Determine a Child's Sex on a Heartbeat?

The most exciting moment for the whole pregnancyis the second when the girl finds out about her situation. The news that a woman has born a new life, evokes a lot of emotions, from the most joyful to incredibly disturbing. Now the girl is responsible not only for herself, but also for the baby. This news is infinitely exciting, regardless of whether the pregnancy was planned or whether it all happened unintentionally.

However, over time, the first emotions subside,the pregnant woman gets used to the new status of the future mother, and she can not wait to find out who lives in the tummy. I wonder at what time they will know the sex of the child? More often doctors with confidence can define a floor of the kid already on 16 week, however exact criteria are not present. Some parents do not know who will be born until childbirth, as the kid turns his back on the ultrasound and keeps the sex secret. In addition to ultrasound, there are a huge number of methods for determining sex, for example, in the form of the stomach, taste of the mother, toxicosis, and you can also determine the sex of the heart. This method can not give an absolute guarantee of the correct determination of sex, but it is good that you do not need to wait for the next ultrasound. An experienced physician can determine the sex of the child at a heartbeat with incredible accuracy. Very many parents burn with impatience to know the sex of the baby, so all means are good.

There are several methods and their interpretations. The first criterion is the number of strokes per minute. This is an unofficial way in which to determine the sex of the child at a heartbeat, but the result is often true. Surely you have heard many times that a gynecologist correctly calculated the sex. By what principle is the calculation? It is believed that the heart of girls beats faster than boys. This means that if the number of hits exceeds 160 per minute, then there will be a girl, and if less than 140 - most likely a boy. Some argue that this method is relevant only at the twentieth week of pregnancy, while others are sure that it is suitable for any period. Each child develops individually, therefore it is impossible to state unequivocally.

Another criterion by whichdetermine the sex of the child by heartbeat, this is the rhythm. Among the doctors there was an opinion that in most of the boys the heart beats more rhythmically, while the girls have a slightly different, more agitated and chaotic "melody". It is interesting that the boys palpitation is more loud and coincides with the rhythm of heartbeat of the mother. In girls, this rhythm is slightly different and more quiet.

Also determine the sex of the baby on a heartbeatyou can depending on where it is felt. If the heartbeat is more pronounced in the right side of the abdomen, there will be a girl, and if in the left - a boy. This is due to the fact that in the womb of the mother, boys and girls lie in different ways.

All these methods are very relative and inaccurate. Even ultrasound can not always determine whether you have a son or daughter, not to mention the "folk" methods. Half of the women, whose predictions have come true, are sure that they will take it right. The other half denies, because reality did not coincide with the expectation. In general, the rate of heartbeat can determine the sex, but doctors say that you need to consider the development period of the fetus, its condition (the baby is awake or asleep), the position of the mother during the examination. It is difficult to envisage all these factors, which is why the risk of error is so great. In any case, the obstetrician will probably make his assumptions, and if his words turn out to be true, you can argue that this method is effective. In fact, for modern pregnant women this is another way of entertainment, because it is so nice to build guesses and speculation about who actually lived in your tummy.

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