How to determine whether lichen is transmitted from person to person

Lishay is a disease associated with inflammationskin patches. In this case, it can be either single or multiple. Its main features are the formation of impaired pigmentation, that is, the appearance of a different color on the skin area - dark or, conversely, light - hair loss in the affected area, severe itching, peeling.

Many people are concerned about whether lichen is transmittedfrom person to person? Answer can be positive, as it is considered an infectious disease, the cause of which lies in the impact of certain types of microbes.

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The causes of lichen

Most often the causative agent of this diseaseThere are fungi of microscopic size, which in nature there is a large number of species. For example, zooanthropophilous fungi can live on the skin of both humans and animals, so it is mainly transmitted to people in close contact with infected cats, dogs, etc.

Anthropophilous fungi can provokedeprive a person. How is it transmitted? It's very simple - from infected to healthy. In rare cases, there is a geophysical appearance of the fungus that gets on the skin to people during contact with contaminated soil.

What kinds of lichen can be

The appearance of lichen is influenced by certain factors, the degree of influence of which manifests the nature of education, its accompanying symptoms, determining the type of disease.

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The most common species is Zhiberapink, ringworm, girdle, flat red, pearly and microsporia. It is not necessary to doubt whether lichen is transmitted from person to person, since this phenomenon is contagious.

Most often this disease affects children andpeople whose immunity is weakened by prolonged illness or stress. At the first signs of appearance on the skin of any changes in the form of peeling, itching and discoloration, the most correct action will be immediately to contact a dermatologist, and he will be able to determine the type of infection and prescribe the correct treatment that is necessary in this case.

What treatment is used

Inflammatory skin disease must be treated and not to guess whether the lichen is transmitted from person to person. Practically for all types of lesions the following measures are applied:

  • Isolation of the patient to exclude the possibility of contact with healthy people.
  • Use of a local type of treatment with the use of ointments, rubs, creams.
  • Application of general strengthening treatment for the body.
    shingles in humans photo

The most insidious for a person is consideredshingles in a person whose photo shows the degree of his initial development. At the initial stage, these are blisters, inside contain a liquid and in appearance resemble the eruption of herpes - this virus and serves as the main causative agent of this formation. In the case of a similar form of inflammation, you should also be aware of whether the lichen is transferred from person to person: it is contagious until the crust on the blisters dries. Treatment is appointed by a doctor, and drugs with antiviral properties are mainly used.

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